The divine Beast Vah Rudania is no pushover, however you"ve overcome every challenge thus far – now it"s time for the final fight, and Fireblight Ganon won"t do it basic on girlfriend either. This fiery portion of Ganon"s heart is blisteringly aggressive, but as lengthy as you come ready you"ll prevail. We"re being hopeful right here if we"re honest. This Fireblight Ganon struggle is a hard one, so ideal of luck. Monitor our Breath the the Wild Fireblight Ganon guide to give yourself the ideal chance the success.

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How to Beat Fireblight Ganon in Breath that the Wild

Fireblight Ganon is an ext of a close variety fighter than Ganon"s other iterations, preferring come swing v his sword 보다 fire projectiles.


The best way to take Fireblight Ganon under is to get up in his face and dodge or parry his moves, then Flurry attack him to end up him off. Here"s what to expect...

His overhead vertical part is plainly telegraphed and, together you might expect, you can conveniently side run to avoid, and hopefully score a Flurry Attack.

Fireblight Ganon"s horizontal move is fast, so watch because that it. A backflip is best method to dodge, followed with a Flurry Attack, though if the press is too high, backing off and also firing arrows is an alternative to offer yourself room come breathe.

Fireblight Ganon has actually a spin attack, too, which has actually three hits and also only the first can be blocked. Luckily this one has a much bigger wind up – after seeing the strike in activity a couple of times, girlfriend should have the ability to predict the move and either parry or perfect dodge to counter strike – we recommend the backflip again.

And finally, he actually does have actually a projectile relocate which shoots out fireballs. This one can"t be countered in ~ all, so just run approximately them to avoid gaining hurt.

As you deserve to probably tell by all the mentions that Flurry Attack, the best means to respond to Fireblight Ganon is close variety combat and smart movement – that can obtain intense, therefore if you"re not feeling i was sure feel totally free to shoot arrows.

Phase two begins once Fireblight Ganon"s HP hits around 50%, and also he gets mean, and raises a fortress-like shield defense.


The an initial new assault you"ll see is Fireblight Ganon charging increase a an excellent fireball. When he throws that it"ll do an to explode on impact, so run or hide behind miscellaneous to prevent damage. The weak is evident when you check out it in action: once charging his fireball it sucks in the air about him, giving you a possibility to throw in a bomb, and also pierce his shield.

He has an additional fireball i m sorry doesn"t call for a fee time, however still pipeline a similar explosion upon impact – another which is finest avoided.

Fireblight Ganon"s melee strikes however remain pretty lot the same, aside from his sword being top top fire. This means you can dodge and parry in specifically the same way as in step one, leaving him broad open to loads of damage.

Keep persevering, and Fireblight Ganon will at some point fall. He may be fearsome, but his attacks are easily predictable after ~ you view them a couple of times. Salary attention and also get offered to the timing, and also before you recognize it he"ll crumble prior to you.

For much more tips on exactly how to beat Fireblight Ganon in Breath of the Wild, check out our video guide below.

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That"s one more Divine Beast down, yet you"re sure to still have loads more to do in Breath of the Wild. Maybe complete off several of the searches in Goron City before moving on come Ganon?

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