Yesterday, Yuengling"s ice cream Cream announced your two new flavors because that 2017, Butterbeer and also Strawberry. That"s right, butterbeer ice cream cream, as inspired by bother Potter butterbeer. I think "great!" because I picked up this pint critical Friday and currently have a testimonial written of...

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The thing is, either blogger deleted the testimonial or I obtained distracted and also never duplicated the evaluation in come blogger before shutting whatever down Friday night. I hate once this happens since there is a details authentic attitude when you go in for the first scoop that a brand-new flavor and also it"s difficult to recreate that after the fact if ns don"t also have note to go off of. Am i rambling also much? You just want come know exactly how this one tastes for this reason you have the right to rush off and also figure out what store has actually it? Ok, fine, for every you east shore folks, here we walk (sorry west shore people, Yuenglings comes the end of Pennsylvania).

So the legend goes that butterbeer is “a small bit like less sickly butterscotch". Ns think that indicates butterscotch is a bad thing, which that is not. The summary is apt though as this is basically a more mellow butterscotch. It"s as straightforward as that. A most the times once describing a flavor choose this I will say something choose "it tastes as with a werthers". This flavor would be a more mild variation of wethers. It"s still butterscotch, however in a mellow way.For those of you the have found this review yet have never had Yuengling, their ice cream cream is lighter than super premium Ben & Jerry"s or Haagen-Dazs ice creams, however heavier (and less gummy) 보다 your main stream ice creams favor Edy"s or Breyer"s.

This was the only butterscotch puddle I discovered in the first third the the pint. Hope there will be an ext as ns go more down. Ns don"t mental my specific thoughts on it, but I"m pretty certain I chosen it. Ok, that"s it for now, time to walk for the live second scooping.On 2nd Scoop:
It"s funny exactly how much butterscotch smell wafted turn off the pint as I opened it. I take a few bites and also I sort of envision a soft butterscotch frosty. I thought I remembered it being a small less strong and a little an ext sweet on the very first try. There"s likewise a small bit of dryness to the aftertaste. The swirl, when periodically noticed, appears to it is in razor thin for the most component (though maybe it"ll be much more abundant in the quart version once it comes out). There"s nothing yes, really crazy going on here, yet Yuengling doesn"t perform crazy, that"s not their thing. Right now I"m debating about how ns would most likely pick this end a sea salt caramel flavor just since I think butterscotch is a little an ext robust and interesting. I"ll it is in curious to see what rather think the this one.Verdict? mild butterscotchBuy Again? possibleAllergy note: handle on common equipment

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lol your testimonial started turn off sounding promising but... No so much? This provides me miss out on Scotchy Scotch Scotch.Am ns the just one yes, really annoyed at the new serving dimension for ice cream? My capacity to judge & compare premiumness is based on the content of 1/2 cup. Now I see 23g the fat for 2/3 cup because that a product and I don't recognize if thats Haagen Dazs or Yuengling (for example) territory

March 22, 2017 in ~ 12:18 AM
Dubba Scoopssaid...

My best critique is probably the absence of a far-reaching swirl to save things a bit an ext exciting. It's not a negative flavor and also I'd personally pick it end time they will certainly all switch to the brand-new format though it would certainly be quite if they had done it in ~ the very same time to make our resides easier.

March 22, 2017 at 8:57 AM

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I to be disappointed in the lack of butterscotch swirl in mine specifically when the description distinctly says there's a butterscotch swirl. It was meh.

May 3, 2017 in ~ 9:22 PM

didn't try this, deciding to go through the salted caramelglad I acquired 2 pints (on sale!)will try this 4 certain upon return b4 the sale ends outstanding ice cream, in the top echelon, IMHO