I've had this problem for awhile, but am posting below to view if over there is a solution, since with youtube red being announced i imagine many others have the same issue.

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I beat music making use of all access while ns work/browser rwandachamber.org. Climate I'll watch a connect with an embedded youtube video, therefore I'll pause my music and also press play. Yet, in ~ 3 seconds it stops v an error post (see title). I need to just sit there for a minute or two without music before I can see the video. Because that something prefer gifsound, that's impractically long. It must be discussed I've only had actually this concern with embedded videos. Go anyone know exactly how to settle this?


same issue. I wanna play 2 overlapping youtube monitor to sleep to (ambient noise and also thunderstorm/rain... I have done this because that years there is no issue) butnow they stop randomly. Sometimes if ns click a video clip on my phone the will additionally cause playback to protect against (which ns guessing is what they to be going for with the feature, yet still annoying.)

Well that's indigenous actually playing tracks simultaneously. I'm saying i can't just pause mine music and watch an (embedded) YouTube video. I must wait a few minutes prior to it'll permit me

I just ran into this however my problem could be various than yalls. I gained my roommate spitting video game to girl in the very same room, so I'm listen to google pat music and trying come pause/mute it when I play a yt video. I ran right into this error. Seems legit, you can auth 10 devices and deauth 4 a year or so. Still only use one at a time. Renders sense ytred would count together one use if i get accessibility as google play music user.

edit: this is here pretty much for the next human being searching this and perhaps has my problem.

I have actually the very same issue; this day was the first time I've encountered it and also it to be at youtube.

My equipment was to open up the video clip in an incognito web browser (or a session through a different account through uBlock+ if that's your preference).

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I have actually the same issue. Ns think this is because of Youtube Red, there space 'playback limitations' ~ above music videos. I think this is more than likely something the Google demands to kind out on your end.


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