Chris Stapleton's radio singles are never ever straight-ahead, mainstream, made-for-radio hits. He'll often blend one extra dose of soul or R&B right into his country, and also those stylistics are when again on full display screen in "You Should more than likely Leave," his latest submission to nation radio.

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Still, Stapleton created the track with two co-writers with severe mainstream radio cred: chris DuBois and also Ashley Gorley, the last of whom set a record in august 2020 when he came to be the first songwriter ever before to pen fifty No. 1 singles in the background of the Billboard Airplay and also Mediabase charts (he's continued to add to that total in the month since).

While "You Should most likely Leave" favors Stapleton's bluesy, rootsy sensibilities end radio-ready country pop, friend can likewise hear some of the hallmarks the a nation hit: Note the facility storytelling linked with simple, repetitive phrasing, plus a surprise twist in the direction of the end in the lyrics.

"You Should probably Leave" speak the story of one on-again, off-again couple who can't seem to keep themselves native coming ago to one another, also though they understand their story won't end well.

"'Cause I understand you and you know me / and also we both recognize where this is gonna command / You desire me come say that I want you to remain / So girlfriend should most likely leave," Stapleton sings in the very first choruses that the song.

However, the intoxicating possibility of one much more night together at some point trumps his desire to carry out the best thing, and also in the light of the following morning, the couple's duties are reversed.

"I desire you come stay, yet you'll more than likely say / the you should most likely leave," he sings in the last chorus.

"You Should more than likely Leave" comes off of Stapleton's 2020 ACM Album the the Year-winning project, Starting Over, which also has the rousing "Arkansas" as well as "Maggie's Song," a tribute to a beloved household dog, and "Watch you Burn," a chilling blog post addressed to the shooter who killed dozens and also injured hundreds an ext at the course 91 Harvest Festival in las Vegas in 2017.

However, "You Should probably Leave" might actually be one of the older song on Starting Over, if no the oldest song ~ above the job outright. Vast Open Country points to a radio terminal performance the the song from September 2013 — before Stapleton's increase to success as an artist, and before he exit his 2015 major-label debut album, Traveller.

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Did girlfriend Know?: Benmont Tench — the keyboardist and singer ideal known for being among the starting members of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers — plays Hammond B3 body organ in Stapleton's studio record of "You Should probably Leave." In fact, Tench's playing mirrors up number of times transparent the track perform of Starting Over.

Chris Stapleton's "You Should most likely Leave" Lyrics:

I know it ain't all the late / yet you should more than likely leave / and also I identify that look in your eyes / Yeah, girlfriend should most likely leave 


'Cause I know you and you understand me / and also we both understand where this is gonna lead / You want me to say the I desire you to stay / So you should more than likely leave / Yeah, friend should most likely leave 

There's still time because that you to complete your wine / then you should most likely leave / and it's hard to resist, all right, just one kiss / climate you should most likely leave 

Repeat Chorus

Like a adversary on my shoulder you keep whisperin' in my ear / and also it's gettin' kinda difficult for me to execute the right thing below / ns wanna execute the right thing, baby 

Sun on your skin, six AM / and also I to be watchin' girlfriend sleep / and also honey, I'm so afraid you're gonna wake up up and say / the you should more than likely leave 

'Cause I understand you and also you know me / and also we both know where this is gonna command / I want you come stay, however you're more than likely say / that you should probably leave / Oh, girlfriend should probably leave