While watching a video clip on YouTube, I obtained an error message "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old variation of Adobe's Flash Player". I am sure that the difficulty is not through the JavaScript or Adobe Flash Player. Have you any kind of concept for the issue?

Please aid me to gain a remedy of this problem.

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Thanks for all solutions.

JavaScript turned off or an old variation of Adobe’s Flash Player

Hello Dear,

This error is not as a result of java script.

There is no require of java script in youtube videos.

It is the error once your flash player ended up being cramelted or a virus attack on flash player.

And another reason as soon as your internet connection becomes as well sreduced that no video buffers are easily accessible then this type of errors are produced.

Kindly uninstall your existing flash player. And install the updated version. You have to usage Adobe flash player 11.5 and also you deserve to downpack it from this attach.


You will certainly never before view this error aacquire.



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