Microsoft Office occasionally comes up v “You space Not Authorized to access this page” message, while trying to open Outlook and also other program in Microsoft Office.

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Microsoft Office “You room Not Authorized to accessibility This Page” Error

If you space using a job-related or institution Account, it is likely that you perform not have the forced permission come access certain Microsoft solutions or Files.

In such cases, friend will need to ask the Admin responsible for managing the network in your firm or institution to provide you through the required permissions ~ above the network.

If the difficulty is developing on your an individual Home or Office computer, friend should be able to fix the difficulty using any type of of the adhering to methods.

1. Operation Office together Admin

Users have reported addressing this error by to run the problematic Microsoft Office regime with Admin privileges.

Type surname of the Microsoft Office regime in find bar > right-click top top the Office program in find results and click on run as Administrator option.


On the check pop-up, click Yes to run the problematic Microsoft Office routine as Admin.

2. Repair Microsoft Office

The problem might be due to the environment of Microsoft Office ending up being faulty or corrupted on your computer.

Go to settings > Apps > choose Microsoft Office in the right-pane and also click on progressed Options link.


On the following screen, click on the Repair option and permit Windows come fix and repair the faulty surroundings of Microsoft Office on your computer.


3. Repair Microsoft Office Using regulate Panel

If you are unable to use the Repair alternative via settings, try to fix using manage Panel.

Right-click top top the begin button and click ~ above Run. In the run Command Window, form appwiz.cpl and also click top top OK.


On the next screen, right-click top top Microsoft Office and also select the fix option.


You may need to wait a while because that the repair regime to finish the process.

4. Upgrade Data resource Settings

The problem could be early Data source Settings in the problematic Microsoft Office Folder ending up being outdated (If you had actually made changes to your User Account setup or User Password) or becoming corrupted.

First, make certain that friend are fully logged the end of Microsoft Word, Excel and also other Microsoft services that you could be logged in.

Open operation Command > type %appdata% in operation Command window and click on OK.


On the following screen, locate and also open Microsoft folder through double-clicking ~ above it.

In Microsoft Folder, situate the folder because that Microsoft Office regime that is causing error on her computer and also Rename the Folder with an old prefix. For example, if groups is leading to errors, rename the groups folder to oldTeams.

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After this, Restart the problem Microsoft Office Program and it should automatically create a new Data resource Folder through the appropriate information.