Kanazawa Nobuaki has actually transferred come a high school far from whereby he offered to live. As result of an occurrence at his old school, Nobuaki is fear of obtaining close come his brand-new classmates and also keeps himself at a distance, however he starts opened up because of a sporting activities day inter-class relay. Then, a single text blog post from someone calling us the "King" is sent out to anyone in class. Nobuaki’s classmates think it"s a an easy prank, and also don"t take it it seriously but Nobuaki knows the a fatality game is around to begin, and also struggles to protest it...

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TagsHorrorMysteryHigh comb GamesPlay or DieSchool LifeSupernaturalExplicit ViolenceFuture DiaryTV (26 eps)asread2011 - 2012

Yuki isa disaffected center school young who has actually no dreams or purposes in life; in fact, the just thing hehas is his diary. Creating down whatever he observes and also documenting every thought, the young boy supplies it together an outlet for his imagination. One morning, however,Yuki wakes increase to uncover his cell phone filled v diary entries because that the following ninety days. Thinking nothing that it, he proceeds his morning until he begins to realize that every little thing on his phone is quickly coming come pass, and it isn"t simply mere coincidence. Now, Yuki all of sudden finds himself thrust into a survive game versus other future diary owner to end up being the new Lord that Time.

TagsActionShounenBattle RoyaleHigh crest GamesObsessive LovePlay or DiePossessive LoversPsychologicalPVPStalkersSupernaturalExplicit ViolenceMature ThemesNuditySexual AbuseSexual ContentBased top top a MangaDarwin"s GameTV (11 eps)Nexus2020

An unpredictable battle of superpowers. Kaname Sudo, an simple high school student, obtain an invitation email to try a mysterious application called "Darwin"s Game." Kaname, ~ above launching the app, is attracted into a game where football player fight one another using superpowers called Sigils. Without discovering the reason for every this, have the right to Kaname survive furious battles versus the an effective players who attack him?

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TagsActionDramaSci FiShounenHigh stakes GamesPlay or DiePsychologicalPVPSuperpowersViolenceBus GamerTV distinct (3 eps)Anpro2008

In the underbelly the the this firm world, a an enig series of battles takes place referred to as the Bus Game, whose participants room solicited randomly via letter in the mail. During the games, groups of three attempt come take into their possession a disk filled with corporate secrets; the winners are provided increasingly high cash rewards, when the losers acquire nothing - or worse, they lose their lives. Toki, Kazuo and Nobu make up the "no name" team, and also their goal is to success one exchange rate yen each. Each has a reason to need the money and a secret, disturbing past; but with high stakes and mysterious employers, they have the right to only hope to leave the video game alive.