But I additionally currently have a zone with a faulty exhilaration detector... The doesn"t also have batteries... The system still says it"s ok. I guess I"d just have expected it to keep far better tabs on sensors and also alert come a sensor walking offline... Specifically when the system is armed.

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Unfortunately the isn"t the same code as that offered to get to the installer mode... The 4321, which uneven I let go is is the only password the mentions in the thread.

I as well am an that pro and also as the stands two weeks ago the supplied Cisco Comcast cable modem does not support bridge mode. That NATs and also then you can plug your router in behind it and also your own, yet either method you finish up double-NAT"d. Ns was said a firmware fix has actually been developed and should be out "soon," however the technician also indicated it had actually been delayed several times. 


Yes, as it is it"s a problem. Ns haven"t do the efforts to move the protection router behind mine, yet there space zero obvious settings in the cable modem (DMZ, forwards etc) the would imply it would be an issue. I am not using cameras with the system though, so that might be the limitation.

Right that"s what I"m saying...


4321 gets you to the food selection to add/delete zones etc and you can add without one issue. The difficulty is as quickly as you walk to delete it asks for an additional password... Which isn"t 4321 or the monitoring password, or the grasp arm/disarm PIN.

space you sure around the batteries??? i can"t see just how it would job-related without a battery to strength it up...see the attach below...shows batteries:http://na.smc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/SMCSM0X-Z_Smoke_Detector_Guide_07262011_A4.pdf

What I"m saying is clock the zone standing on her system... Once you take the batteries the end of a sensor... 


You"ll get the inital tamper alert speak you removed the base, etc. Yet once you recognize it though the system doesn"t come ago and to speak hey... The sensor is completely gone. Even simpler example take any kind of sensor exterior the ragne of the system... Ie you won"t "tamper" that ever... The system doesn"t treatment that a sensor has completely vanished.

space you likewise entering the various other digit after ~ the 4321?? must work...this password gets girlfriend in together a technician...and thats just how they carry out it...you cannot carry out with your very own code...

1. Settings

2. Go into code

3. 4321 (it doesn"t let girlfriend enter an ext than 4 characters)

5. Get in technician name/ID -- ns was told you can go into anything here.

4. Remove Sensor/Device

5. "Enter Premise passphrase" and also says it is obtainable on the management portal and also then I"m stuck.

We received a certificate native the initial installer as part of the customer education and learning packet. The signed and also dated and left through us to provide to the insurance company.

spoke to my technology friend....you will need to get business call...each premise had its own distinct 6 number code, and also they will not offer you the code...they do not desire you to be able to remove devices and then reprimand a breakin top top them...should it is in a cost-free service call for you...maybe you can ask the tech for the code for the future...please article your outcome.

I just bought a brand-new Samsung TV which has a digital card. I"m told by Comcast that in spite of this i still must rent a digital converter. They said that this is as result of "change in rules by the FCC" that had them scramble their signals. Has anyone knowledgeable this? i was told by a finest Buy salesman and I could hook the up directly to a coaxial cable. Comcast says.....no.

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movement sensor only going off sometimes.. I was under the impression the it would feeling every time who walked through the room. How deserve to I fix this





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