I have both mechanical and also archeology field an abilities to level 4. However, my mission console go not have the compelled "off the record" mission to gain them come level 5. Anyone know if something else is required?


The "Off the Record" mission only requires a level 4 field Skill and also nothing else. The factor you can"t uncover them, is because of just how the blade terminal works.

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The terminal only has actually a minimal space for missions, and therefore cannot display all missions at once. Due to the fact that of that, goals will be displayed at random. As soon as they appear on the terminal, friend should immediately accept them prior to exiting. If girlfriend don"t, another mission might take the place. When this happens, you might need to visit the tongue terminal several times prior to the mission appears again.


These goals are random and also semi-rare. You might need to exit and open the terminal multiple times prior to it will appear. Every one of them appeared near the optimal of the perform for me.


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