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This one\"s just about as confusing as it gets, folks, but here go nothing. Microsoft is repackaging eight the its titles under a brand-new moniker: \"Greatness is Earned.\" Though these titles still loss into the Platinum Hits group (and together such, are priced at $19.99 and also up), a number of them are receiving the treatment for the first time. And this is wherein things obtain confusing: We\"ve watched the \"Greatness is Earned\" logo before, almost a month earlier now, top top the repackaged Gears of War (Platinum hits edition, mental you) checked out above. At the time, Microsoft wouldn\"t talk about the images.Considering Viva Piñata and EA sports Fight Night ring 3 are amongst them, we\"re doubting (and hoping) lock won\"t all gain the dark and also brooding look. We\"ve detailed all eight title after the break in for your perusal. We\"d also like to point out that, while snooping roughly the Microsoft push site for photos of this games, we noticed Halo 3 \"Classics\" in the \"Upcoming Games\" category -- the very same note discovered next to all other Platinum hits games. Interesting, hmm?Update: We\"ve changed the image over with shots that the brand-new \"Greatness is Earned\" pack shots that Gears the War, Forza 2 and Mass Effect. For gigantic shots, peep the gallery below!%Gallery-63475%Gears of war (includes every DLC maps and also Achievements) Forza Motorsport 2 Mass effect (includes carry Down the Sky DLC) Viva Piñata army of Two Battlefield: negative Company exhausted Paradise EA sports Fight Night ring 3
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