So, let's say I have actually 2 consoles, mi primary one and my backup, and also I deliver my licenses from the primary one, where I buy all my games, to my backup consingle. Does that suppose that after I execute the deliver all the games I currently bought AND all the games I will certainly ever buy are "licensed" on my backup console? In other words, execute I have to store transferring licenses eexceptionally four months to play the games I bought after the last license transfer?


You gain the license individually for each game bought after. If you bought it on console 1 after delivering on consingle 2, the first console will certainly have it.

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sorry if i still dont obtain it. I likewise have the very same question: I have actually 1 phat console that has 20+ digital games purchased or GwG in it. Gave the phat one to my nephew and also I purchased a new slim X360. I did not do a LT, coz I am always connected to XBL. so I simply redownload my games and also play at will. But what will certainly happen if I do a LT to my slim console, have the right to my nephew still play the 20+ games?

He doesn't require a LT (for the games already in the console), and you don't require one bereason you are making use of the profile you bought the games with. So you would certainly just need to perform a LT if you buy new games on your brand-new consingle, so your nephew deserve to play them. As someone suggested right here, it's better to simply buy the game (through your profile), in this situation in your old consingle, so both of you deserve to play them without having actually to do a LT, so you can save that for when you really need it. I wish I figured that before haha.

Tright here are 2 types of Licenses on 360 consingle, system license and also regional License. System license uses to the account/gamertag/xbox live profile that purchase and also downfill the game while Local license applies to the devices(xbox 360 console) wright here games and contents wbelow initially purchased and also downloaded. If you want to usage the very same account on your ago up console and also play your games their, license move isn't vital as you still have the system license. But if you want other accounts to play the game, that's as soon as you have to carry out license move as you need at leastern the neighborhood license to permit other gamertag to play the game.


I think you could not understand also what license transfer's carry out. All a LT does is let you play digital games offline.

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I think you could not understand also what a license carry does. Any profile can play any type of game licensed to that consingle. So if he downlots it on his main one then license transfers to his second (or a friend's) then somebody else can play the very same game on a different console at the exact same time. It additionally functions with DLC. When I log in on my friend's Xbox and also play CoD, I have the right to play on all the DLC maps bereason my frifinish has them.

As far as I've learned, as soon as you buy digital games you acquire two licenses, one for your profile and one for the console you buy the game in (or the first where you download it, I've bought games on mi pc's browser). I have the right to play my bought games on my backup without a LT as long as I'm logged in through my profile in that consingle, however, let's say I invite a frifinish over to play PVZ GW, he has to use his account (via gold membership) and I need to usage mine, for him to play on my backup consingle I'd have to have actually done a LT right?


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