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Your Xbox experience can sometimes get influenced by faulty hardware. Need to you stumble throughout error E74, it method that the HANA/ANA chip is most likely warping far from the motherboard.If your console is no longer under warranty, do not despair. Follow the procedures explained listed below to obtain this concern out that the way, but bear in mind the caution is advised.

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Sooner or later you’re walking to suffer some error on your Xbox. While part errors space harmless, various other errors, such as Xbox error E74, deserve to prevent your console native starting.

Since this is a severe error, this particular day we’re walk to present you a few potential solutions that might aid you.

How can I deal with Xbox error E74?

This error is often caused by a hardware problem, most typically HANA/ANA chip warping away from the motherboard. This problem usually occurs as result of excessive heat that causes the chip to warp away.

This is a hardware issue, and if her Xbox is under warranty, us strongly suggest that friend send it to the Microsoft repair center or ask because that a replacement.

The warranty duration for error E74 is one year due to the fact that the purchase date, for this reason if your console is still covered by warranty, we suggest that you send it to the fix shop.

Even if her warranty is expired, you deserve to still have your console repaired for a fee. The complying with solutions are potentially dangerous, and also they can damage your Xbox permanently, therefore use them at your own risk.

Most that the following solutions will certainly break your warranty, so save that in mind together well.

1. Use pennies and also electrical tape

To perform this systems you’ll need electric tape, pennies, thermal paste, and a little of at sight glue. The very first thing that you must do is to open your Xbox and also remove all the components, including warmth sinks, motherboard, and pads from the ram chips ~ above the bottom side.

Now you should make 4 to adjust of 2 pennies and also wrap each collection in electrical tape. It’s an important that you cover penny sets completely in electrical tape in order to avoid causing damages to her console.

Now you require to use a thin layer that thermal dough to the ram chips whereby the old pads were. Put the coin sets instead of pads and use just a little bit of super adhesive to glue them.

Be certain to scrape old thermal paste from the processors and also heat sinks. Use the thermal paste to the chips under the heat sinks.

Put the warmth sinks earlier on together with X-clamps. Placed your Xbox ago together and screw the black screws top top the bottom of the situation tightly.

Make another stack the pennies, safeguard it with electric tape and also be sure that it can fit under the white warmth duct while pushing it up a bit.

Now insert the duct and DVD drive back. Make an additional stack the pennies covered in electrical tape and also position it so it can use pressure as soon as you placed the peak of the case back on.

Now put the case earlier on and also screw in the screws carefully. Pennies will use pressure come the HANA/ANA chip and make her console run. Thanks to the pressure indigenous the pennies, the chip will affix itself again due to heat.

2. Use the push to the heat sink

According to some users, in bespeak to fix this problem, you just need to apply pressure come the warmth sink. Open the console, locate flat silver heat sink and remove it. Apply some thermal dough to the chip below the warm sink and also return the heatsink to its original position.

Apply push to the warm sink and also put the cover earlier on. If there’s enough pressure on her heatsink, the error E74 must be resolved.

3. Clean the warmth sink

Few individuals reported that in stimulate to settle error E74 you just need to remove the warm sink from the processor and clean the old thermal dough from it. After ~ that, you need to apply a slim layer of brand-new thermal paste and put the warmth sink ago on.

After doing that, the problem should be resolved. Some users are also suggesting to reset her Xbox by beginning it there is no a warm sink till you see 2 red lights on the power button.

After that, leave your Xbox come cool down, put your warm sink ago on again and also check if the problem is resolved. Keep in psychic that starting your Xbox without a heatsink can cause permanent damage, thus use extra caution.

4. Block her fans

According to users, you deserve to sometimes solve the E74 error on her Xbox through blocking your fans. This is a possibly dangerous equipment so use it in ~ your very own risk. Just unplug her Xbox and also put the in a horizontal position.

On the back, locate the fans and also block castle with any non-metal object. After ~ blocking the fans, start your console.

Wait till you see 2 red lights roughly the strength button. After ~ that, turn off her console and remove objects that room blocking your fans. Wait until your Xbox cools off and also start your console again and also the difficulty should be resolved.

5. Apply pressure come the HANA/ANA chip

Users reported the the HANA/ANA chip is the reason of this problem and in order to deal with it be certain to apply pressure come the chip. To carry out that, take a couple of pennies, super glue them and also cover them in electric tape.

Place the pennies top top the HANA/ANA chip and also then placed the pan cover earlier on. If the cover no fit as well as before, don’t worry, this is what is necessary to apply the pressure to the chip.

Now insert her DVD journey and add place about 7 CDs or DVDs ~ above it to apply more pressure to the chip. Placed the case ago on carefully and make sure that the pennies or CDs nothing move.

If lock move, you’ll have to repeat the same procedure again. After ~ doing that, revolve on your console and check if the problem is resolved.

6. Clean the thermal paste and also replace the X-clamps

Error E74 sometimes shows up due to your X-clamps. These components are flexible and sometimes they can bend and cause this issue to appear.

To deal with this trouble you must open her console and also remove the warm sinks. After ~ doing that, very closely remove the X-clamps. These components are difficult to remove, because of this use extra caution and be certain not to damage your motherboard.

After removed the X-clamps, remove the old heat paste. Apply the new thermal paste and add new X-clamps. Friend can also use your old X-clamps, however it’s extremely recommended to change them.

After that, return the warmth sink and all other components and also check if the difficulty is resolved.

7. Unplug the AV cable

According to users, girlfriend should have the ability to fix this problem simply through unplugging your AV cable. Unplug the AV cable and turn on her console.

A red ring will show up around the strength button. Quickly attach the AV cable and also press the controller to reassign the button if needed. Rotate off and also turn on your console and also the problem should it is in resolved.

Xbox error E74 is a major error, and if you have actually it, it means that there’s a hardware difficulty with your console. If your device is tho under warranty, we extremely recommend that you send it to the repair facility or ask because that a replacement.

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Most the these services are advanced, and also if you’re not careful you can reason irreversible damage to your console, so use them cautiously.