Tech Talk: A guide to Xbox 360 Overheating and also Repair
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By Uccello

The Xbox 360 is one of the most renowned gaming consoles top top the market. The is qualified of rendering incredible graphics, giving online group game play, head-to-head video game play and also wonderfully role playing game environments. However, the console is likewise prone to numerous issues. Owning an Xbox 360 console deserve to be enjoyable, yet it can likewise be frustrating and maddening, specifically when you know that Microsoft will certainly do tiny to nothing to aid in the situation of errors because of manufacturer defects.

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What causes the Xbox 360 Problems?

While Microsoft would favor you to believe that over there are plenty of reasons the Xbox have the right to experience errors, there is a solitary underlying reason for the majority of difficulties experienced. The architecture of the Xbox console results in a propensity for overheating, leading to plenty of error codes. This codes are displayed through the Ring the Light, through the exact code being displayed by details LEDs illuminating red and also flashing. Four error codes have the right to be displayed by the console. This are:

A solitary red light – This is the 1 red irradiate error and will be accompanied by one error password on the tv screen. The error code will appear as Exx, where the x’s suggest numbers. Because that example, E74 is a common error code, when E73, E69 and E64 are instances of less constant error codes. The 1 red light error may appear to be attached to the AV cable, but is usually brought about by a malfunctioning GPU chip.Two red lights – If the lights in part 1 and 3 space illuminated and also flashing, the Xbox is experiencing basic overheating. This deserve to be as result of incorrect placement, however is much more commonly linked with the poor style Microsoft used throughout construction.Three red lamp – If sections 1, 3 and 4 room illuminated and flashing, you room experiencing the dreaded Red Ring the Death, or 3 red light error. This code suggests a “general hardware failure”. However, this password can likewise be traced back to problems with design and implementation.Four red lights – If the entire Ring of light is illuminated and flashing, it means that the console go not identify the existence of the AV cable. This can be resulted in by a faulty AV cable, a loosened GPU chip, the incorrect TV output setting on the AV cable and also more. However, overheating is the most common cause of the issue.

As you deserve to see, the underlying cause of most difficulties is the excessive amount of heat created by the Xbox during operation. Xbox 360 overheating repair can assist solve the problem.

How can I fix My Xbox 360?

If you conference the abovementioned problems and basic troubleshooting does not help, that is time to fix the console. You have actually two options easily accessible when this i do not care necessary:

Send the console back to Microsoft – If you have remaining vouch coverage, this is the ideal choice. However, the repair procedure can take up to two months, leaving you there is no a gaming system. If you lack warranty coverage, this alternative will cost you $150 to add shipping costs, and also the time that takes to complete the repairs.Repair the console ~ above your own – Repairing the console ~ above your very own is a basic process. However, it can void her warranty if you have one. The said, house repairs space easy, fast and also effective, enabling you come bypass the lengthy wait for Microsoft to finish repairs that need to never have been necessary in the an initial place.

What Is the Problem?

The difficulty with the Xbox 360 overheating and requiring repairs is a multifaceted subject. It requires Microsoft cut corners throughout research and development, and bypassing the testing process required come ensure the the console was complimentary of errors before putting it on the market. The love of the issue is the warm generated throughout operation. The solder supplied to attach the GPU chip and also the CPU chip come the motherboard is unable to withstand these temperatures. In essence, the heat causes the solder to end up being brittle and also fragile, creating cracks and fissures in the soldered joints. The warmth sinks used to cool the chips room too small to operate effectively, and the protective thermal paste provided on the chips is likewise ineffective versus overheating.

As the console heats up, the motherboard flexes as result of heat. If this is a normal process, the dilute solder around the GPU breaks, enabling the flexing action to force the GPU chip the end of contact with the motherboard. This causes numerous errors, including the 3 red light error, the 1 red light error, 2 red irradiate error and also many rather that room not indicated by the Ring the Light. In short, her Xbox 360 is now useless and also will not operate.

How do I repair It Myself?

Repairing the console on her own might sound choose a difficult task. Actually, the is how amazing simple. Every you have to do is modify the cooling system to enhance the dispersion of heat during game play and ensure appropriate GPU chip call with the motherboard. In fact, friend can achieve this repair using just tools the you likely currently have top top hand and about an hour of free time. To compare that through the two months of wait for Microsoft to fix a difficulty that is their very own fault!

As a note, there have actually been countless “fixes” occurred to combat Xbox overheating. Carry out not attempt many of these repairs! Wrapping her console in a towel or sticking it in the freezer is terrific way to damage the console permanently or even cause a fire in her home. Use just a tested, specific repair an approach to for sure you get your gaming system back on track and also avoid potential damage and also harm.

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Anthony Uccello is an avid Xbox 360 gamer and has to be playing video games because Atari. The bought his Xbox 360 the day of the launch and also was enraged as soon as his Xbox 360 stopped working because of the red ring of death error. It was then he founded www.Xbox360Repair.ca and has been helping world fix their Xbox 360’s.