So ns noticed a lot of civilization showing excessive disdain and anger towards the new USN CV flight deck changes that are definite because that each ship.

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let"s walk to tier 6, through the Independence.

Now obviously i can"t state the this carrier is "good" since that"s mine opinion.

But that is far from "terrible". And also it has actually gotten substantially better since the revamp.

Over the games i have played in this delivery on my current grind because that the Midway, i have actually not had one game where i obtained "shut down" or feeling helpless against a Ryujo.

So that begs mine question.

What is the freedom "terrible" compared to?

Oh that"s right, it"s no a noob familiar ship due to the fact that of the relatively low hanger size of 37 with the B hull, conversely, the Ryujo has a hangar that 48.

It doesn"t require it.


"A Destroyer is no complement for a Battleship v respects come firepower, thats why torpedoes exist"


A Ryujo has actually the freedom beat v strike power, yet not once it is using the type 6 mod.3 trip deck through the 3-1-1 collection up.

The Independence has 7 airplane in her only fighter squadron v the skill "Air Superiority".

The Ryujo has actually 5 v the same.

15 IJN planes vs 7 USN airplane sounds prefer a negative matchup for the Independence. And also in most cases it is.

But right here is whereby the self-reliance shines.

the Independence has actually a massive benefit with pure strafe power.

Her fighters also travel 2 knots faster.

You have the right to chase down and also strafe any kind of IJN airplane at that tier.


The Independence has actually massive exploitable fighter strengths, the you can use come your benefit in a fight.


The Independence has actually a Loadout the 87 with the F6F-3 fighters.

The Ryujo has one Ammunition Loadout of 60 with with A6M2 fighters.

You deserve to keep your planes in the fight for a substantially larger amount the time.

The F6F-3 fighters of the independence have 50 DPS; the A6M2 fighter of the Ryujo have a DPS of 44.

Now come Fighter HP values:

The Independent has actually a fighter HP through the 6F6-3 fighters of 1380.

The Ryujo has actually a fighter HP with the A6M2 fighters of 1210.

This means, if a Ryujo is to run the trip deck module, Type 6 mod.2; it has actually a 1-2-2 loadout.

4 fighters vs. 6, vice versa, the 6 fighters have an ext HP, dmg and also ammunition.

This gives the Independence complete air dominance.



But again this is all paper stats, not dealing with how the ship actually performs in live combat.


So, i chose to take it her out for a spin, come prove it"s not a "terrible ship"

Here"s a game of me in my self-reliance that i lost, yet still affected the game an extremely strongly.

See spoiler below:

Only 1 airplane skill, because i CV sniped in the an initial 1 min that the game.


By no means is this video game to "highlight" my performance in this ship. 

Only come give an instance of exactly how you can overcome a game with this ship.


In summary, the self-reliance is much from a "terrible" ship, and also because she is not a forgiving delivery it MAY be tough for new CV football player to master her.

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I hope i have changed your mental on this ship, or helped you discover something new about her.