So my husband and I room looking come unwind while working our way through a couple of mythic+s this evening. Us were reasoning of acquisition our dorkiness come overdrive and also having a WoW themed cocktail or two while we dungeon.

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Does anyone have actually a an individual favorite? Bonus points if castle fit v a Kaldorei Demon Hunter (him) or a Draenei priest (me).

Oh, whiskey is practically always welcome in between us.


Well, I deserve to tell you some really tasty drinks and I'll make up Warcraft names because that them since that seems fun.

Flames of Azzinoth

This is a beat on a margarita through a spicy aftertaste, how spicy is up to you!

You'll need:

-regular sugar

-Rasberry chambord liqueur (cheaper rasberry liqueur is well if you're no looking to break the bank.)

6 lemons, 6 limes, 1 orange juiced and also combined.

your favourite tequila

-kosher salt

-Habeneros peppers or name is (I introduce ghost!)

-First, you'll need to make simple syrup. Yet is no straightforward simple syrup! We're walk to add our favorite hot pepper. Incorporate equal components sugar and water and add heat until sugar has dissolved, mitigate temp low/mid and include peppers. The amount and also duration you leave the peppers in will determine the spiciness, I offered to use 3 or 4 ghost peppers because that a moderately spicy drink. (I would never eat a ghost pepper, the simple syrups is no where near as hot as a raw pepper.) constantly take precautions with really warm peppers, stay gloves and wash her hands yes, really well after.

Now, you'll just incorporate 3 components tequila, 2 components of the juiced fruits, 1 component chambord, 1 oz basic pepper syrup in addition to ice into a shaker and shake that till your hand is good and cold!

Rim her glass through salt by rubbing a lime roughly the rim and also pressing right into the kosher salt. Pour over ice cream (or not) garnish through rasberry/mint/lime everything you like and get Night Elf wasted.

Snail gyeongju special

A favourite for gyeongju day! You'll need

-A an excellent sweet bourbon. I'd speak Maker's Mark, yet I always just end up drinking it straight....anyway!

-1 teaspoon powdered sugar (or fifty percent a teaspoon of honey)

-2 teaspoons water

-Mint leaves (fresh or don't bother!)

Combine the mint, sugar, and also water in a glass, in a typical high ball glass muddle it about with a muddler if you've obtained one, if friend don't use the take care of of a wooden spoon. To fill the glass through ice (Chipped ice cream is preferred) and then include whiskey (about 3-4 shots relying on your ice) stir till the glass is cold and frosty. Enjoy!

Draenei Draught

Straight from everyone's favourite dying world, the Draenei draught will make friend not care that your whole planet is crumbling roughly you.

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-Rye Whiskey (Bourbon is well too)

-sugar cube (You have the right to make early out with continuous sugar)

-Angostura bitters (You can discover them at the liquor store.)

-an Orange

-teaspoon of water

Combine the water, the bitters, and the street in a highball glass. Muddle until combined nicely. Include your ice, and also the peel of her orange, fill through whiskey.