Super smash Bros. Ultimate’s story mode, civilization of Light, is simple. You’ll run about on a map and play distinct fights with particular rulesets to emulate fighting versus a character that isn’t quite playable in the game. However, the video game will only start you off through Kirby unlocked, which method you’ll need to seek out any other personalities you want to pat as and beat them come unlock each.

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The fights versus the playable fighters space straightforward and don’t have any special rules. They’re the very same as pull close the fighter in the “Challenger approaching!” method — girlfriend just have to kill them as soon as to get them. (And unlocking them in human being of light unlocks castle in the remainder of Smash Ultimate, if you haven’t obtained them already.)

That every being said, periodically you simply want come hurry up and also unlock her favorite character. But where are they? Which way do you go? Why are they clogged off by a absent or a running stream? In this guide, we’ve compiled the characters and also created maps of your locations, so friend can uncover them.

Immediately ~ starting, you’ll run right into Mario. Right past him, you’ll be forced to make a decision. You will certainly be offered a selection to unlock among the three: Marth, Sheik or Villager. The path you take not only results which of this fighters you’ll acquire first, but additionally which fighters you’ll have the ability to unlock soon after. You’ll have the ability to get lock all as you finish trying out the map. We recommend picking the fighter the may have actually your favorites along their path.

The irradiate Realm

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Heading south automatically after gaining Marth, you must encounter a mushroom area. Save going south and toward the west, and you’ll fight a body of water. Head north and you’ll find a portal come the human being Tour area. You will require the Kapp’n spirit to overcome the water to acquire to the portal. Girlfriend can discover him come the northeast that the airport, near where Pikachu’s fighter is sitting roughly a waterfall.


Pac-Man is just sitting and chillin’ in the northwest an ar of the mushroom area. No need for any type of spirits or special things to unlock him.


Olimar is sit in the bottom right component of the mushroom area, but you will need a Kamek, Lip or Kammy Koopa spirit to acquire to him. Lip is found over the DK Island portal and Kammy Koopa is ~ above the mountain path directly over the mushroom area. You deserve to purchase Kamek indigenous the shop, if you lucky.

Solid Snake

Snake is deep inside of a army base! You have to get in a portal and also interact with some computers to obtain to him. To even get to the armed forces base, friend will require a spirit of Hal Emmerich to obtain you in. Hal is in the large city, right alongside Inkling’s fighter.

Mega Man

Mega man is right external of the military base portal that Snake is in. Again, you’ll need Hal Emmerich to open the doors.

Donkey Kong

As he must be, DK is simply hanging the end in the forest. ~ grabbing Marth, if girlfriend head south and then instantly keep going east, you’ll eventually uncover him.


Head directly north after unlocking Marth, and you will run right into Inkling in the city area.

Wii fit Trainer

Head deeper north right into the city, and you’ll run right into Wii fit Trainer as well.

Little Mac

He’s turn off to the left part of the city, yet he’s clogged by a barricade. You’ll have to clear the strength plant portal to access him.


Head west indigenous the city and into that shadowy forest. A portal will certainly be ~ above the ideal side the it, wherein Pichu is. Clearing this also opens several gates on the map, consisting of the one to tiny Mac.

Duck Hunt

The duo is uncovered in bottom left of the shadowy forest.


Exit the shadowy forest from the left side, and you’ll discover Lucas in the mountains. Friend can likewise run right into him after ~ beating a challenging Rayman spirit and crossing with a cave.


Go north from Sheik and also then take a right. Jigglypuff awaits across from a broken bridge that can be resolved by a Guts male or Cyrus & Reese spirit. Cyrus & Reese have the right to be found in the foggy forest, where Duck Hunt and also the power plant are. Guts male is ~ above the right fifty percent of the map, past the wall surface of light. He’s in the area through the train tracks.


Keep traveling phibìc from the course you witnessed Jigglypuff on, and you’ll run right into Yoshi as well.

Dr. Mario

The doctor is come the northeast of the city wherein Wii fit Trainer and Inkling space found.


Fox is sitting to the phibìc of the map, right below a beautiful heart-shaped lake. He is best easily accessible heading north on Sheik or Marth’s route.


Pikachu is to the ideal of Yoshi, ~ above a tiny island surrounded by roaring waters. To acquire him, you’ll have to go to the right, around him, knocking the end all the spirits in the way. As soon as you get to the optimal of the waterfall, ride it under to plop right onto the island.

Mii Swordfighter

They’re along Sheik’s route if you go toward the right. They’ll it is in in the top part of the one village.


Isabelle is in the circular village to the bottom right. Girlfriend will must ride a bus to acquire to her, requiring the Kapp’n (Wild World) spirit, i beg your pardon is alongside Inkling in the city area. Girlfriend can obtain on the bus native the village where Lucas is.


Lucario is sitting in the hill area where the vast crack of light is flowing. He’s north that the one town and south that Pikachu.

Captain Falcon

As you might expect, he is at the racetrack, to the right of Villager. Girlfriend will require Pico spirit to drive the race automobile and access him. Girlfriend can find that surrounding in Lucario, up north.


Simple enough, link is south along Villager’s route.


The huge bad is in a portal the replicates his very own castle to the north, the Molten Fortress. If girlfriend follow follow me the hill path where you acquire Lucario, or go toward the north eastern from Yoshi, you’ll uncover the portal.

He’s a bizarre and also tough fight in ~ the end of this section. Rather than a consistent knockout battle, you will do it be fighting a huge version of him (and he has actually a health and wellness bar).


She’s captive in the Molten Fortress that Bowser is in. After pushing some switches in the castle, you should have the ability to run and also grab her.

Ice Climbers

These friends are at the bottom of the icy hill toward the north west that the map. However, it’s too slipper to rise up. You’ll need to take a dark teal warp pipe up and also go around. Slide down to the ice cream Climbers. After beating them, the hill will it is in freed from ice cream so you can travel up and down.


The bird is in space! To accessibility him, you’ll need to repair the damaged ship ~ above the icy mountain. You’ll need a Slippy Toad spirit for that, which friend can discover in the power plant area. Friend can additionally use a rob 64 spirit, which shows up in the base area line is in. ~ repairing the ship, you deserve to fly into space and discover Falco up north.

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Pit is in the holy place of Light, with portal in ~ the many northeast point of the map, come the left the the snowy mountain. To open up that portal, you’ll need to hit three colored switches along the map. One is phibìc of Fox, in the heart-shaped lake. Another is close to Pikachu’s spot in ~ the river. The final button is in the forest, near Donkey Kong was.