Words with Friends is a multiplayer video game released in 2009 through Newtoy. Players take turns in arranging indigenous in a crossword-puzzle pattern. This game is prefer the plank game, scrabble in regards to rules.

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However, end 40 gamings can be played all at once in Words with friends. The press notifications alarm players once it is your turn. Girlfriend can complement with other adversaries if you have their usernames. Football player can also be suitable with enemies through a arbitrarily smart-match.

If your words with friends notifications won’t go away, then there is a problem.


The services are noted below:

For Android Users:

If you room an Android player, monitor the steps below to settle this problem

Step 1: On her Android phone, walk to words v friends.Step 2: Touch the “Menu” button.Step 3: pick “Settings”Step 4: Navigate to the miscellaneous section, then disable or permit background notifications.

For iPhone and also iPad Users:

If you space not an Android player, you might be an iphone or iPad user. Look listed below for the solution to settle the notification problem.

Step 1: walk to the home screen.Step 2: Touch the “Settings” button.Step 3: choose “Notifications”Step 4: search for words with friends top top the perform of apps and choose it.Step 5: adjust sounds, badges, etc.

Kindle Fire Users

For kindle fire devices, try any the the services below.

Step 1: Swipe under from the top part of the screen.Step 2: Touch “More” or the three dots in ~ the top-right that the screen.Step 3: select “Applications”Step 4: insanity “Notification settings”Step 5: enable or disable notifications.


Step 1: Swipe under from the optimal of the screen.Step 2: Touch “Settings”Step 3: pick “Notifications & Quiet time”Step 4: Tap top top the application you desire to manage.Step 5: enable or Disable notifications.

Windows Phone


Follow the measures below:

Step 1: tap “Start”Step 2: Swipe left come the applications list.Step 3: Touch “Settings”Step 4: select “Notifications + actions”Step 5: select the application you want to manage.Step 6: allow or disable “Show in activity center”

After girlfriend have managed the notifications settings of her device, you need to do the same in the game.

In The Game:

Step 1: open up Settings. You can find it on your profile web page or by scrolling under the main menu.Step 2: search for the “Notification” section.Step 3: permit or disable it.

Words v Friends Crashing

Even despite Words v Friends is just one of the favourite mobile games, some individuals complained the it crashes. There have the right to be plenty of reasons for this problem, yet there are likewise solutions you can use to deal with it yourself.

Solution 1: Close and Reopen The App

If an error causes your problem, then you need to close and reopen the app. Because that this equipment to work, certain you clear the app from your applications history.

Solution 2: Restart your Device

Where the solution above cannot work for you, restart her device. If there space a most apps running, your game will crash. An additional reason is if your an equipment is overheating.

To fix this problem, restart your device by long-pressing the “Power” button. Select “Restart” native the options that will pop up.

After the procedure has to be completed, take it a look in ~ the Words through Friends game to see if the problem persists.

Solution 3: Reinstall the app

You deserve to reinstall her Words v Friends game, this action will reason the problem of ending. Merely uninstall the video game from her device. The following step is to walk to the Play save or application Store to download the latest variation of the game.

How come Delete the Words v Friends App


If you have uninstalled the Words through Friends app, that won’t influence your account. You can now get access to your account at any time you download the video game again on your device.

Below is exactly how to delete the Words through Friends app.

On Android

Step 1: On your device, go to settings.Step 2: Navigate come “Apps & Notifications”, choose it.Step 3: Touch “See all apps”Step 4: Navigate come “Words v Friends”, choose it.Step 5: tap “Uninstall”

On iPhone

Step 1: discover the “Words through Friends” application icon.Step 2: long press the application icon.Step 3: pick the “Delete” tap.Step 4: Click “Delete”. This is to check that you desire to delete the “Words v Friends” app.

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Even though Words v Friends is a good game, it is no devoid of problems, similar to other game apps. Finally, no all users have actually this problem.