Tsonokwa change masks made by artist Scott Jensen are component of the Whatcom Museum education collection. The story that Tsonokwa (Dzunuk’wa, Tsonoqua) or Wild woman of the Woods, is a Northwest coast Native legend around a mythical, dark-haired, big female being who captures children and carries them residence in a basket to ultimately eat them. Parents offered the Tsonokwa story together a warning to save their youngsters safe and discourage them native venturing too much into the woodland “or Tsonokwa can get you and also eat you.” In the story, the children usually control to outwit Tsonokwa and escape from she captivity. Many Northwest shore native artist have developed cedar masks to share stories and also legends such together Tsonokwa.Read much more here: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/entertainment/article180036271.html#storylink=cpy


ByBob Ibold
Fern mask from thomas Murray
Younger buyers and five number sales mark “turning point”

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Mask value CodeA - high value*B - collectible*C - decorative artD - short value* A and B do not always imply higher dollar value. Many masks acquire a C or D, but we normally don"t post them.

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