With the glass ceiling damaged, all the oppressed teams shall prosper. Especially the the majority of oppressed team of all: GAMERS


They targeted gamers.

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We're a group of human being that will certainly sit for hours, days, also weeks on finish perdeveloping some of the hardest, a lot of mentally demanding tasks. Over, and over, and also over all for nothing more than a small digital token saying we did.

We'll punish our selfs doing things others would certainly think about torture, because we think it's fun.

We'll spend the majority of if not every one of our complimentary time min maxing the stats of a fictional character all to draw out a solitary added allude of damage per second.

Many type of of us have actually made careers out of doing just these things: slogging through the grind, all day, the exact same quests over and also over, thousands of times to the allude wbelow we recognize evety little information such that some have actually attained such gamer nirvana that they deserve to literally play these games blindfolded.

Do these people have actually any concept exactly how many controllers have been smamelted, units over heated, disks and carts destroyed 8n frustration? All to latter be referred to as bragging rights?

These world honestly think this is a fight they deserve to win? They take our media? We're already structure a brand-new one without them. They take our devs? Gamers aren't shy around throwing their money else wbelow, or also making the games our selves. They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to adjust us? We've been called worse things by prepubescent 10 year olds through a shitty head set. They picked a fight against a team that's currently grvery own desensitized to their strategies and methods. Who reap the battle of attrition they've threatened us through. Who take it as a challange when they tell us we no much longer issue. Our obsession through proving we deserve to after being told we can't is so deeply ingrained from years of handling huge brothers/sisters and also friends laughing at how pathetic we offered to be that proving you human being wrong has become an extremely real need; a honed reflex.

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Gamers are competative, hard core, by nature. We love a challange. The worst point you did in all of this was to challange us. You're not unique, you're not original, you're not the first; this is simply one more boss fight.