Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offers you v potions, serums and also rations the all types to fortify yourself v on her journeys, but one of the very first you\"ll likely discover is uncooked raw meat. We\"ll present you what can be done through it and also how to make the many of it here.

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Can You cook Raw Meat in Witcher 3?

No, how amazing enough, or at the very least not without part alterations come the game. Geralt have the right to eat any meat the gets host off together he would any other food item, and also suffers no ill impacts for doing so (Witchers space canonically immune to most diseases, so presumably that consists of food poisoning too). Feel cost-free to eat the without fear of penalty, but be aware that it\"s almost never as good for healing together cooked or ready food, usually giving a lesser regenerative effect for half the time.

How to cook Raw Meat in Witcher 3

If you are intent on setup up a Temerian barbecue, you\"ll need to use mode that enable you to cook. A present popular instance is the \"What\"s for Dinner\" mod by Az0r3, which allows you to make numerous recipes from food ingredients, similarly to do oils and elixirs in the alchemy menu. Save in mind that this is only obtainable for those top top PC.

Meat can be uncovered in your inventory in the food and drink menu, however you\"ll require mods if you want to cook any kind of of it. | Joel Franey/rwandachamber.org, CD Projekt Red

Of course, there\"s a lot much more to Witcher 3 than cooking up burgers. Girlfriend can always check out our guide to Witcher 3\"s level cap ideal here, or gain a true mastery the magic with our full guide to signs and also spells here.

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