Getting Started

First time utilizing VR? worry not, we’ll have actually you in ~ the plate acquisition pitches in simply a few steps.

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Sign increase for win Reality

Choose your sport, choose your plan, add a bat attachment, and also begin her journey. Conserve money on her membership by choosing the annual plan.


Download WIN fact to her headset

Find us in the Oculus application Lab ~ above your maker or in the Oculus mobile app. Don’t have an Oculus yet? bespeak one here.


Log in and also start seeing pitches

Step right into a fully immersive stadion environment and start testing and also training your pitch recognition abilities.

TRAINING because that ALL win Reality offers a wide selection of velocity and overall ability level for hitters come prepare against. Through stadiums designed for youth players still facing pitchers at 46 feet, a dedicated softball field, as well as a 60 foot 6 customs mound because that those in higher levels that competition, WIN reality is perfect for players just acquiring started, all the method to MVP winners in the majors.

crucial PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS The success dashboard gives you understanding into exactly how you"re performing in our training programs. Obtain a distinctive understanding into why you"re so late on pitches up and also away, have trouble with off-speed pitches, and also any number of other offensive questions that have previously unable to do unanswered.

12-WEEK cultivate PROGRAMS take it the guesswork out of deciding what come do and when. ~ taking victory Reality"s Baseline 2.0 assessment, you"ll obtain guided cultivate assignments the take you through 12 mainly of practice programs to aid you get ready for better competition.

Pitch Recognition

Train to far better identify where your barrel demands to overcome the zone to make systematic contact.

Situational Hitting

Work ~ above your capability to hit the ball to various parts of the field and succeed with runners on.

Batting Practice

Customize your live at-bats in Batting exercise mode. Take almost everywhere from 10-to-500 swings!

Quick Recognition

Work on her timing in ~ the plate and also improve your capacity to make optimal swing decisions.

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Challenge you yourself to accurately identify pitches without see the full flight of the ball.


immediate Feedback

Never be left wondering whereby you have the right to improve in the moment. After every pitch, you"ll check out real-time results, efficiency scores so friend know exactly how successful that event was, and gain an expertise for just how to improve.

Scouting Reports and Trendlines

Track your progress with win Reality"s player dashboard and also overall victory Scores. Hitters will certainly be shown scores certain to every of our training modes, as well as an as whole ranking so they know precisely how they ridge up because that their period level, as well as versus other win users.

Level up

With a youth stadium and also pitchers throw at slow speeds, every the way to major league caliber pitchers, WIN truth is perfect for players in ~ every level. And also for those just getting started, we’ll start to an obstacle you with quicker competition as you improve.

Plate Discipline

Hitters who usage WIN truth for 15 minute a job see significant increases in an useful plate self-control metrics