Hi all ns was wondering have the right to you use and run a wii u if it doesnt have actually a gamepad with it in ~ all, been looking at ones without the gamepad and was wondering if you offered wii controllers and a pro gamepad can you use it without the main gamepad?


Most games require the gamepad. You have the right to technically browser the house menu there is no it, however you need the gamepad because that the most part.

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I wouldn"t recommend acquiring a Wii U there is no the gamepad at all. Not just do countless games require the gamepad, yet so perform some mechanism menus (e.g. Settings).

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ok cool thankyou o store seeing just the bas unti for sale a lot i recognize you need the gamepad choose you said yet can technically purchase them every at differnet times trying to continue to be inside my budget plan to acquire the console and so on would any kind of usb gampead job-related or go it need to be the wiiu pro one?


Commanderkuja The people, or rather: idiots marketing their incomplete Wii U"s are world that were stupid or clumsy enough to break your GamePads, which is most likely the only reason they"re selling their consoles, since they"ve now become all but useless, and also buying a second hand independent GamePad, indigenous a third party or from Nintendo isn"t all the cheap, so they much more than likely made decision to try and sell their useless console to any kind of unsuspecting victim, who wouldn"t be conscious of this.

My advice: don"t do it. Look because that a complete set, or check very first if you can still buy a instead of GamePad indigenous Nintendo themselves. Without the GamePad there"s also no method to inspect if the console works as that should.

And no, no just any USB controller will work. At least: not unless girlfriend hack your console, but officially, anything other than the Wii U"s own controllers is not supported.

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ThanosReXXX v this one. I"ve played several Wii U gamings that require the gamepad. Even basic console setup needs the gamepad too. You deserve to use the Wii far or the Wii U agree Controller, yet those are usually alternatives in several of (not all) the gamings or when picking a game from the main menu. Whatever else needs the gamepad, setup up, apps, that kind of thing.

Don"t to buy one without the gamepad, wait and also get one through a gamepad. It will conserve you headaches after that down the road.

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Sat 2nd May 2020

thankyou for this reason much every one of you will be defently taking your advice time come browse for complet packages and saving up for it. Thankyou all again


Sat 2nd May 2020
Commanderkuja You"re welcome.

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Unless you space needing that for parts i.e. Repairing a Wii U the you have I would certainly skip a gamepadless Wii U.

A Wii U without the gamepad is choose a McDonald"s cheeseburger without the gherkin - friend might be able to technically traction it off, yet why in the actual would certainly you desire to, because it"s an essential to the experience.

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I had actually a trouble with my wii u the gamepad didn"t work-related anymore. I had to repare it and i deserve to tell u that most games require the if u wanna play at best ergonomy yet some of them are difficult to even launch choose mario maker.