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SonOfACar42 you have actually just explained my whole time in school, except like 6th grade or part shit whereby I somehow acquired all A's... Never before that and also never again. In the finish a combination of the pandemic beginning up and the fact that i didn't even know about fifty percent of the god damned symptoms of mine ADHD (like, ns didn't understand that the actual base SYMPTOM the causes every one of the others is an inability to regulate your emotions) till about half way through the very same school year resulted in me to at some point fail high school...

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This is me however on every test. I have actually not studied because that a solitary test in my life. The reason my median is so bad is due to the fact that I never ever do homework.

Ethan Heitz4y↑3

Ikr, played it on mine dad's RCA through a 20" sony below at choose not also 25% power and it was shaking my walls. Love it


I just searched this up because that no reason, then ns noticed the this is Fitz's outro.


While world are transporting your casket, castle will need to be jamming the end to this when crying. Sad, yet beautiful thought.

mmmyes :03y

I would ask for this to it is in my funeralI carry out dumb stuff all the timeJust have actually an 100 hour compilation of me


thank you, been in search of this from Crunk Channel, however his song attach no much longer exists. Then i watch this post 3 hrs ago, nice lucky.


Now I desire my wii back... And also that's something I never thought i would've said

Arcade Dan6y↑31

Hey, ns uploaded the complete version, but shorter if girlfriend are searching for it. Good job top top the prolonged song. Ideal remix ever.


sup fam mah niiguh dis favor my mix ice cream st8 fire bby. Peace. Hollah atcha boi white ppl smh

TheDiamondGoldMine // GabrielTDGM48w↑3

Novices: lucaas’ Aviation of the WeekExperts: FitzLegends: anonym00se’s Crunk Channel

David Brown3y↑1

Play this tune while playing in the Electroplankton phase (Final location mode) ~ above Ultimate.


I to be blaring this out my car and somehow started a parade whereby everybody else to be doing the exact same thing.

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You couldn't simply be satisfied with feeling that bass, you had to motherfucking TASTE THE BASS.

Yeet Fast1y

I desire to listen this in my radio if the next song is comes up choose waiting music ya know


I genuinely choose this Metallic alchemic5y↑1

this remix is lit m8