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A couple of months ago on vacation my wife and also I were drinking and also dancing at a club. Later on another man asked if he could dance through my wife and also we didn"t view an worry with it. Strangely ns was turned on by the town hall them run together and when my wife reverted she said that the guy said he had actually to ask she to dance as she is for this reason beautiful and also glad her husband didn"t mind. My mam teased me and also said she delighted in dancing through him and also hope i didn"t gain too jealous. Ns guess it to be the drinks yet I replied and also told her the it was a weird form of jealousy but i appreciated it and also not phased. She claimed she found it a thrill and also I provided her permission come flirt with him... She inquiry if ns was sure and also I said I was turned on and also she can give me a show. They ongoing to dance and as they touch each other I uncovered I was more and an ext turned o together she looked at me. They began to kiss and also make out... However she quickly stopped and came back to me saying just how sorry she is. Then something ns regret currently happened. In the excitement i told she I enjoyed it and also I want her to go further... She seemed surprised yet said it was a vast thrill because that her. They ongoing to dance and also make out and also eventually we all ended up in ours hotel room. I provided her permission to go as far as she wants with him which brought about them making out, having actually oral sex and also having sex. When it wS end she told me howuch she enjoyed that thrill and glad that we introduced it right into our sex life. Difficulty is I currently hate the she has actually been with another man and also had sex through him. Yet she wants to do it again and says she loves the idea that she had permission from her husband to sleep with various other men. Exactly how do I deal with this and cope v this ? ns go crazy repaying castle together and also think around committing suicide now.
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13 Feb 2017

This is a challenging one together it would certainly seem as something has happened and you had a adjust in mind. I indicate that girlfriend both view a couples therapist and also get to the bottom that what happened and also how girlfriend both felt about it.
If i were girlfriend I would tell her wife no to continue with the exercise until you have talked the out v a couples therapist. Everything you do, don"t simply go in addition to this and suppress your real feelings as this can potentially rest up your partnership if girlfriend don"t get professional aid at the earliest of your convenience.
Nobody has actually done anything wrong, it is just that points have changed for you since the 2 of you have started going under a path and then girlfriend unintentionally had actually a change of heart and also mind. And also that is perfectly OK yet your feelings must be accepted and respected by her partner.

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