In this blog article, I'll uncover some of the means you deserve to optimize Google Docs so that it doesn't lag while you're creating.

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Google Docs is a famous browser-based word processor. With Google Docs, you deserve to produce, edit and share word documents virtual. One of the benefits of using Google Docs is that it enables you to access your documents from any kind of computer system gave it is linked to an internet connection. However, Google Docs lags while modifying which is a well-known problem.

A quick and also simple settle to Google Docs lagging is to upday or switch to a various web web browser. Firefox seems to manage Google Docs better than Chrome. Disabling ads-on choose Grammarly can additionally deal with Google Docs lagging.

Nonetheless, if you don’t feel like going with the anxiety of doing this, tright here are some steps you have the right to use to troubleshooting this difficulty. So, I’d be sharing five troubleshooting procedures that I have actually tried and recognize to boost the rate of Google Docs. Before we acquire to that, let"s begin via why Google Docs lags.

Why Is Google Docs Lagging?

Turned out that Google Docs is highly dependent on your web browser. So, your PC sources easily accessible to be allocated to the browser influence the performance of the Google Docs. If your COMPUTER specification is low, it will surely reason Google Docs to lag.

The bigger the document gets, the even more memory of your browser it will require. A document that may lag on say a Chromebook may work-related fine on a desktop computer. In all fairness, you have actually nothing to concern about when utilizing Google Docs unless you are making use of it with exceptionally low-finish hardware or working on incredibly big files.

A random point I’ve noticed is that if you own a low specification system, for some factor Google Docs perdevelops better on Firefox than it does on Google Chrome. Also, as soon as you’re in Google Docs, message within a table is considerably slower than message external a table. Nonetheless, a lot of civilization mainly favor to usage Google Docs for lightweight papers.

Do Google Docs Become Slow to Edit if They Are Large?

Google Docs can end up being slow-moving to modify once utilizing it via huge content. This is a significant trouble that has made many type of world discouraged to usage Google Docs. This problem can be led to by several reasons. However before, the good news is that tright here are a couple of fixes you can try to boost performance.

Overall, the factor Google Docs becomes slow-moving as soon as modifying huge content is poor device performance. You can’t mean the rate of a dual-core Intel Pentium 1.9Ghz via 2Gb RAM to complete via an octa-core Intel Core i7 3.0GHz through 16Gb of RAM. The core i7 would be much faster via Google Docs than the Intel Pentium.

How to Fix Google Docs lagging?

Tbelow is no denying that Google Docs lags. So, if you fall under the canopy of people that want to use Google Docs yet having actually a tough time via it because it lags, here are a pair of fixes I recommfinish you attempt out.


First and also forea lot of, reboot your COMPUTER. This may sound a little cliché, but it is a cliché because it does work-related for many errors encountered once operating computers. You can also attempt restarting the internet browser you are using, as this seems to work-related in some instances.

But eventually, rebooting your PC is recommfinished bereason it removes all undesirable data-consuming mechanism resources. So, any kind of code stuck in a misbehaving state will certainly be wiped off after a restart. When you reboot your COMPUTER it powers up from scrape, making all software application begin from square one so they work-related as they were intended to.

When all software application is closed it boosts the resources at your PC"s disposal which helps boost rate. Thus, even more RAM is made easily accessible to run the web browser, the CPU is not overloaded through various other background apps running, and also your storage will certainly be idle.

So, as soon as you open Chrome or any type of web browser and also usage Google Docs on it, it will respond faster and also much better because of the availcapability of sources. If rebooting doesn"t perform the trick, go to your PC settings and also under troubleshoot, find your means to "Refresh your PC". Note, once you refresh your PC, you wouldn"t lose any of your files.

Update or try a various browser

Anvarious other solve I’d recommfinish for laggy Google Docs is to examine your web browser. Because Google Docs is a browser-based word processor, it cannot work-related without a internet browser. So, encertain the internet browser you are using is in the finest feasible shape to manage the Google Docs.

One of the first things I’d recommend you do is inspect whether the browser you are utilizing is up to date. If the browser you are making use of is outdated, it will certainly cause several performance problems while surfing the web. Downpack and also install the upday for your internet browser, this might resolve Google Docs lagging.

Peradundertaking your browser may be as much as date, however Google Docs still lags. Anvarious other trick you deserve to attempt through your internet browser is to cshed as many type of tabs as you have the right to afford. If feasible run Google Docs as the just opened tab on the internet browser for the ideal outcome.

If you are an avid Chrome web browser user like me and you have tried everything from updating the app to cshedding eincredibly tab, and Google Docs is still lagging, then it’s time to try a different internet browser. Firefox and also Microsoft Edge are good browsers that are reduced out to handle web applications prefer Google Docs.

Disable expansion and plugins

Anvarious other deal with I"d recommfinish you try is disabling extensions and plugins. Many internet browsers now come equipped with numerous extensions and also plugins that rise efficiency. But undoubtedly, these extensions and plugins make the internet browser slower particularly on a low specification COMPUTER.

Ideally, what I recommfinish human being execute is that they temporarily rotate these extensions and also plugins off, and probably after they are done typing they deserve to turn it back on. For example, a plugin prefer Grammarly can be turned off temporarily, and also after keying the content, it can be turned back on to settle errors.

Clear cache and also cookies

The more you surf the internet, the more your internet browser accumulates cookies and also cache in its storage. Browsing cache is a method that helps boost the browsing rate of your typically saw website. However, when the browser is greatly loaded through obsolete cache and cookies, they deserve to slow-moving things dvery own.

When things take longer to pack on your internet browser like Google Docs, it’s a great principle to clear cache and cookies tfinish to occupational occasionally however not eincredibly time. After clearing cache and cookies, close the browser and also restart and test for responsiveness when inputting and also editing and enhancing on Google Docs.

Use another COMPUTER with a much better hardware specification

Bottom line, if you have tried all these fixes above and nopoint seems to be boosting the rate of Google Docs, I think it"s time you begin considering acquiring better hardware. While there is various other word processor software like Microsoft Word that performs well through no lag through a COMPUTER with low specification, Google Docs wouldn"t.

With upgraded hardware, Google Docs will manage huge pperiods of records and also modify them smoothly. And the best part is that you have the right to even have dozens of them opened up at the very same time via no problem. So, the reality is that if you are experiencing lags while dealing with large word papers, switch to an additional COMPUTER via a much better CPU, and bigger RAM, and you are good to go.


To sum things up, Google Docs is a great word handling internet application that meets your basic requirements all over without having actually to download anypoint. Since Google Doc is a server-based application, numerous factors cause performance worries. Little components prefer bad internet connection can make inputting and editing agonizing. While I recommfinished several means you have the right to solve Google Docs if it lags, I recommfinish using it for lightweight jobs.

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And if for some reason you desire to get your big word record to Google Docs, however usage a low specification PC. I recommfinish inputting and editing and enhancing the word document on another platform favor Microsoft Word bereason it functions perfectly on low specification Computers. Thereafter upfill the document on Google Docs, so you can save yourself the stress and also kind it would take you to occupational on Google Docs.