As the president’s wishes looked progressively doomed, the same web cesspool that took credit transaction for his 2016 win discovered a new scapegoat.

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As Joe Biden’s vote count climbed ever upward over Donald Trump’s this week, denizens of among the most notorious pro-Trump forums convened to ask vital question: how have the right to we reprimand this ~ above Libertarians?

Regulars on 4chan’s politics Incorrect (/pol/) board attributed themselves (somewhat dubiously) because that memeing Trump to the presidency in 2016. Yet with Trump’s reelection future looking dimmer by the hour, this hotbed because that conspiracy theories and casual Nazism went looking for a scapegoat. Part members appeared to find it in world who voted because that Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen rather of Trump.

Things are, predictably, deteriorating even further, with 4chan users threatening come murder each other.

Jorgensen, a psychology professor, has received around 1 percent the the national vote, a common percentage because that the 3rd party. She held her biggest vote share in Alaska and the Dakotas (just end 2.5 percent), however Trump winner those states handily. Also if Libertarian votes could have do the difference in swing states—Jorgensen’s vote total was much larger 보다 Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania top top Friday afternoon—there’s no evidence Libertarian voters would have wanted Trump over Biden. As the libertarian newspaper Reason notes, a survey of Libertarian voters in 2016 uncovered that, in a two-party race, an ext preferred Hillary Clinton come Trump, although many would not have voted in ~ all.

But amongst some /pol/ stalwarts, Trump can not fail, just be failed. This camp set about blaming Libertarian voters (who are extremely visible ~ above the forum) because that their brewing woes.

“If you voted for libertarian, I in reality fucking hate you much more than anything best now,” one /pol/ object began. “YOU FUCKING damaged EVERYTHING. BIDEN has actually FUCKING WON and also ITS ALL her FUCKING FAULT, 3rd PARTY has NEVER, EVVVERRRRRRR FUCKING WON.”

“I FUCKING hate YOU,” one more /pol/ user seethed. “ALL the YOU i AHTE girlfriend YOU mother FUCKERS”

One user attempted to consolidate the miscellaneous anti-Libertarian threads, creating a “Libertarian hate thread” where they can all fury together. Others tried, belatedly, to controversy electoral politics.

“Voting Libertarian is the stupidest point you deserve to do,” one human being opined. “There is never any type of reason to vote Libertarian. You accomplish nothing other than for your own vanity and also selfishness.”

As is usual of /pol/ threads, the miscellaneous rants melted down right into threats come physically injury Libertarians alongside various other political, religious, and also racial minorities.

The tantrum drew attention from /pol/’s sizable Libertarian contingent, i m sorry assembled to point and laugh.

“LIVES IN her HEAD,” one taunted, more than likely intended to be sung to the track of “Zombie” by the Cranberries, “IN her HEAD RENT-FREE, RENT-FREE, EE-EE-EE”

Some claimed to have voted for Jorgensen in vital swing says that Trump shows up likely to have lost.

“Voted because that Jo Jorgensen in PA. I regret nothing,” one said.

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One specifically sore suggest between the 2 factions to be guns. Republicans and also Libertarians frequently oppose total laws, in comparison to Biden, that supports registration for gun owners and also voluntary total buy-back programs. Some pro-Trump /pol/ customers accused Libertarian voter of gift turncoats and also supporting a president that would seize every their weapons (Biden does no advocate for this).