The Mona Lisa through Leonardo Da Vinci in ~ the Louvre museum top top July 6, 2020. Chesnot/Getty Images

During a dark and critical time in human background when there’s not much levity to be found, it’s perhaps fairly easy to recognize why something as goofy and also inane as a mispronounced name would certainly instantly come to be a viral meme. Also so, the “da Vincky” trend that’s currently wormed its way into the mental of the perpetually virtual deserves a thoroughly explanation. Recently, ~ above the hugely popular application TikTok, a set of blonde twins decided to movie themselves using a well-known Instagram trivia filter. Once the video game asks them to recognize the painter of the Mona Lisa, they risk a guess: Mona Lisa? once the answer mister up, they’re dumbfounded once Leonardo da Vinci’s appears. Castle exclaim, “da Vincky?”Subscribe to rwandachamber.org’s arts Newsletter

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There are number of levels to this. An initial of all, not understanding off the peak of your head that painted one of the most well known paintings in every one of human history is relatively embarrassing, and also worth mild condemnation in and also of itself.

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However, it’s the way the the pair flagrantly mispronounce da Vinci in unison, with fully coordinated shock and also confusion, that sticks in your head. That’s why for this reason many civilization on Twitter are speaking the end to to speak they can’t prevent thinking about it.
professor: *lecturing*my brain: …….da vincky ???