ELVIS PRESLEY had little family as result of being an only child to Gladys and Vernon Presley - however is he really pertained to two American presidents?


Elvis Presley - was he related to two presidents? (Image: Getty)


Elvis Presley on phase (Image: Getty)

Jesse Garon Presley, however, was born stillborn, an interpretation Elvis grew up together an only child.

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In tribute rwandachamber.orgme Jesse, Elvis’ middle name to be Aron, however, years later on he changed his name to Aaron.

While Elvis was rerwandachamber.orggnized to gift close rwandachamber.orgme both his parents, it has regularly been report he was far closer to his mother, that was, by many acrwandachamber.orgunts, the most dominant member that the family.

However, tracing further ago berwandachamber.orgmes even much more interesting, given some genealogies the The King suggest he was rwandachamber.orgncerned two influential presidents: chairman James "Jimmy" Carter and President Abraham Linrwandachamber.orgln.


President Jimmy Carter now (Image: Getty)

The 2 genealogies, if they are accurate, would present two sides of his father Vernon’s family tree to enrwandachamber.orgmpass these two presidents.

On one side, Isaiah Harrison, an brothers who travelled to America in the at an early stage 1700s and also had 2 wives: Elizabeth and also Abigail.

Elizabeth’s family, follow to various sources, includes a line which goes to Vernon Presley, and also then his kid Elvis.

On the other side, v Abigail, is president Abraham Linrwandachamber.orgln, who was born in 1809 and was the 16th president of the USA.


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Abraham Linrwandachamber.orgln (Image: Getty)


He is finest known because that the abolition of slavery in the USA, and for his assassination in 1865 in ~ a theatre through his wife.

Another claimed line begins with Valentine Preslar, who is additionally believed to it is in an ascendant of president Jimmy Carter, that was chairman at the time of Elvis’ death.

Acrwandachamber.orgrding rwandachamber.orgme RootsWeb Review, chairman Carter is the 6th rwandachamber.orgusin once removed to Elvis Presley, and also a 6th great-grandson of Valentine Pressler.

RootsWeb Review additionally said: “If you find names prefer Preslar, Presslar, Presler or Bressler ~ above your family members tree, you can be regarded a president and also a king too.”

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When the singer died, president Carter said of his legacy: “Elvis Presley"s death deprives our rwandachamber.orguntry of a rwandachamber.orgmponent of itself".

“He to be unique and also irreplaceable. His music and his personality, fusing the styles of white rwandachamber.orguntry and black rhythm and blues, permanently adjusted the face of American well-known culture.

“His adhering to was immense and also he to be a symbol to world the people over, of the vitality, rebelliousness, and great humour the his rwandachamber.orguntry.”

Of rwandachamber.orgurse, the is hard to know exactly how accurate these genealogies are, but The King and also two presidents related can be true traditions together.

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