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What are two load-balancing techniques in the EtherChannel technology? (Choose two.)

combination of resource port and IP to destination port and IPsource IP to location IPsource port to location portcombination of source MAC and IP to location MAC and also IPsource MAC to location MAC

Which is a properties of EtherChannel?

EtherChannel offers physical port that have actually been upgraded to provide a much faster connection.STP will not block redundancy EtherChannel bundles between two switches.STP treats all interfaces in a bundle as a single logical link.EtherChannel construction is used to each physical port.

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Refer come the exhibit. A network administrator is reviewing the construction of move S1. Which protocol has been applied to group multiple physical ports into one reasonable link?


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backbone routerinternal routerdesignated routerarea border routerautonomous mechanism boundary router

What are the just two functions that allow an OSPF router to be configured for summarization? (Choose two.)

backbone routerinternal routerdesignated routerarea border routerautonomous mechanism boundary router

Which two addresses represent valid destination addresses because that an OSPFv3 message? (Choose two.)


An OSPFv3 router has actually no IPv4 addresses configured and also the router ID has not to be manually set. What is the result of this configuration?

OSPFv3 will certainly not start.The highest possible IPv6 attend to of a loopback interface will be supplied as the router ID.The greatest IPv6 resolve of a physical interface will be provided as the router ID.The router will automatically generate a router ID utilizing the MAC attend to of one of the interfaces.

Refer come the exhibit. Which attend to will R1 usage as the source address for every OSPFv3 message that will certainly be sent out to neighbors?


When OSPFv2 next-door neighbors are creating adjacencies, in i beg your pardon state carry out they elect a DR and also BDR router?

Exchange stateInit stateTwo-Way stateLoading state

A network administrator has just readjusted the router i would on a router the is functioning in one OSPFv2 environment. What should the administrator execute to reset the adjacencies and also use the brand-new router ID?

Configure the network statements.Change the interface priority.Issue the clean ip ospf procedure privileged mode command.Change the OSPFv2 process ID.Refer to the exhibit. All the routers the are presented are component of the EIGRP domain. Assuming EIGRP metric weights are not changed in the configurations, which course will a packet take the originates indigenous a organize on the network and is going to a organize on the network?
R1, R4, R3R1, R5, R3R1, R2, R3R1, R2, R5, R3

Refer come the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring EIGRP as 20 top top Router_2 and has obtained the error that is shown. What is the cause of the error?

The autonomous system (AS) number is not the same as the number on various other routers in this network.The IPv6 routing procedure cannot be imposed until IPv6 routing is enabled.The EIGRPv6 interface configuration is incomplete.The passive-interface default command has been imposed for EIGRPv6.

When a connect failure occurs on a network running EIGRP, just how does dual determine a replacement path to a location router?

DUAL examines the ar table to uncover the closest adjacency.DUAL examines the routing table to discover a feasible follower route.DUAL examines the topology table to discover a feasible follower route.DUAL immediately sends queries to neighboring routers to build a brand-new routing table.

Refer come the exhibit. Router R2 has actually recently to be configured and also connected via user interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0 come router R1. R1 is configured correctly, however fails to establish a neighbor partnership with R2. What is the problem?

The command ipv6 unicast-routing must be enforced in the router construction mode.The command ipv6 unicast-routing has not been implemented.The EIGRPv6 procedure has no been triggered on interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0.The passive-interface command is staying clear of hello packets from being sent.

Which two elements of the construction of EIGRP because that IPv6 different from its construction for IPv4? (Choose two.)

For IPv6 no router id is required for the EIGRP routing process to start.No network command is needed to permit EIGRP for IPv6.IPv6 requires a global unicast deal with on EIGRP interfaces.For IPv6, the autonomous device values top top routers in a domain running EIGRP carry out not have to match.EIGRP ~ above IPv6 is configured straight on router interfaces.

Which EIGRP course would have actually the preferred bureaucratic distance?

a an overview routean internal routean outside route that is redistributed indigenous RIPan external route the is redistributed indigenous OSPF

Refer to the exhibit. Which 2 networks save feasible successors? (Choose two.)

Which 3 metric weights are collection to zero through default when prices in EIGRP space being calculated? (Choose three.)


Refer come the exhibit. A network engineer is troubleshooting host connectivity top top a LAN that uses a an initial hop redundancy protocol. I beg your pardon IPv4 gateway resolve should it is in configured ~ above the host?

Refer come the exhibit. What protocol deserve to be configured top top gateway routers R1 and also R2 the will permit traffic from the interior LAN to be fill balanced across the two gateways to the Internet?


Refer come the exhibit. One administrator is analyzing the message in a syslog server. What have the right to be established from the message?

This is a an alert message because that a regular but significant condition.This is an alert message for i beg your pardon immediate action is needed.This is an error article for which warning conditions exist.This is an error post indicating the mechanism is unusable.

What space two characteristics of SNMP neighborhood strings? (Choose two.)

A vulnerability that SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and also SNMPv3 is that they send the neighborhood strings in plaintext.Commonly known ar strings must be used when configuring certain SNMP.If the manager sends among the exactly read-only community strings, the can gain information and set information in one agent.SNMP read-only neighborhood strings have the right to be provided to acquire information indigenous an SNMP-enabled device.SNMP read-write neighborhood strings have the right to be offered to set information on one SNMP-enabled device.

Which monitoring protocol deserve to be provided securely v Cisco gadgets to retrieve or compose to variables in a MIB?

SNMP variation 1SNMP variation 2SNMP version 2cSNMP version 3

What is one SNMP monitoring agent?

a computer system loaded with monitoring software and also used by an administrator to screen a networka database the a maker keeps around network performancesoftware that is mounted on devices managed by SNMPa interaction protocol that is provided by SNMP

What are three parameters the are supplied by NetFlow to classify traffic? (Choose three.)

ingress interfaceTOS fieldegress interfacenumber of packetsnumber of bytesport number

Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 are associated to the exact same LAN segment and are configured to operation OSPFv3. They are not forming a neighborhood adjacency. What is the reason of the problem?

The IPv6 addresses that R1 and R2 room not in the same subnet.The OSPFv3 procedure IDs of R1 and also R2 space different.The timer intervals the R1 and also R2 perform not match.The priority worth of both R1 and R2 is 1.

Refer to the exhibit. A network technician has included router R0 to an present network that has router R1. R0 is configured v EIGRP and is connected to R1 via the Fa0/0 user interface of every router. After completing an evaluation of the network, the technician notices the the routes to the networks that space supported by routers R0 and also R1 are not gift exchanged. What is a feasible cause for this failure?

R0 was configured v the not correct autonomous mechanism number.FastEthernet interfaces top top R0 are in a shutdown state.Interface Fa0/0 ~ above R0 is configured together a passive interface.Interface Fa0/0 top top R1 is configured together a passive interface.

Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 has recently been configured to run in an IPv6 just network and also is associated via user interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0 come router R2. R2 is configured correctly, however will not type a neighbor partnership with R1 What is the problem?

The IP attend to is missing on user interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0.The command ipv6 unicast-routing has actually not to be implemented.The router ID has not been produced on router R1.The EIGRPv6 procedure has no been set off on user interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0.

A network administrator is troubleshooting router RA in an EIGRP autonomous system. The administrator needs to achieve the IP addresses that the other routers v which router RA has established adjacencies. The is additionally important to acquire information the the queue counts ~ above the ar routers. What command will perform this?

show ip eigrp interfacesshow ip eigrp neighborsshow cdp neighbor detailsshow ip eigrp topology all-links

What is the most likely cause when the calculation of the present interface command reflects that a switch interface is up yet the heat protocol is down?

A cable is not attached come the interface.An incorrect default gateway has been configured.An encapsulation type mismatch exists.An untrue cable kind has to be attached to the interface.

Refer to the exhibit. Inter-VLAN communication in between VLAN 10, VLAN 20, and VLAN 30 is no successful. What is the problem?

The access interfaces execute not have IP addresses and each need to be configured with an IP address.The switch interface FastEthernet0/1 is configured as an accessibility interface and should be configured together a trunk interface.The switch user interface FastEthernet0/1 is configured to not negotiate and also should it is in configured come negotiate.The move interfaces FastEthernet0/2, FastEthernet0/3, and also FastEthernet0/4 room configured to not negotiate and also should be configured come negotiate.

Refer to the exhibit. When planning one upgrade, a network administrator offers the Cisco NetFlow utility to analyze data circulation in the existing network. What generated the many packets?


What two encryption algorithms are supplied in IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.)


Which 3 statements define the structure blocks that make up the IPsec protocol framework? (Choose three.)

IPsec supplies encryption algorithms and keys to provide secure transfer of data.IPsec provides Diffie-Hellman algorithms to encrypt data the is transferred v the VPN.IPsec uses 3DES algorithms to provide the greatest level of protection for data that is transferred v a VPN.IPsec supplies secret key cryptography to encrypt messages the are sent out through a VPN.IPsec offers Diffie-Hellman together a hash algorithm come ensure integrity of data that is sent through a VPN.IPsec provides ESP to carry out confidential carry of data through encrypting IP packets.

Which WAN an innovation can offer as the underlying network to carry multiple types of network website traffic such together IP, ATM, Ethernet, and DSL?

ISDNMPLSFrame RelayEthernet WAN

Which WAN connectivity an approach would be offered in a remote place where there are no business provider networks?


Which statement defines cable?

Delivering solutions over a cable network requires downstream frequencies in the 50 come 860 MHz range, and also upstream frequencies in the 5 come 42 MHz range.The cable subscriber must purchase a cable modem termination system (CMTS).Each cable subscriber has specialized upstream and also downstream bandwidth.Cable subscribers might expect up to 27 Mbps of bandwidth top top the upload path.

The calculation of the show ip interface brief command suggests that Serial0 is up but the heat protocol is down. What are two feasible causes because that the heat protocol gift in the down state? (Choose two.)

The clock price is not collection on the DTE.An not correct default gateway is set on the router.A network is missing from the routing protocol configuration.The encapsulation on the Serial0 user interface is incorrect.Keepalives space not being sent by the far device.

What space two WAN link enhancements that are achieved by implementing PPPoE? (Choose two.)

Encapsulating Ethernet frames within PPP frames is an reliable use the bandwidth.DSL CHAP features are consisted of in PPPoE.PPP permits the ISP to assign an IP address to the client WAN interface.An Ethernet link supports a number of data link protocols.CHAP permits customer authentication and also accounting.

An administrator authorize the following commands on router R1:

R1(config)# logging R1(config)# logging trap 5

What conclusion deserve to be attracted from this configuration?

The just messages that appear on the syslog server room those through severity level of 4 or lower.Messages v severity level that 6 or higher appear only on the router console output.The just messages that appear on the syslog server room those with severity level of 5.Messages through severity level the 5 or lower show up on the router console output and are sent to the syslog server.

Fill in the blank.

A spanning-tree network that has every one of the switched ports in either a prevent or forwarding state is thought about a converged network.

Fill in the blank. Use just an acronym.

PPPoE create a PPP tunnel v the DSL link for the objective of sending PPP frames.

Match the port state v its condition. (Not all options are used.)


Open the PT Activity. Execute the jobs in the activity instructions and also then answer the question.

Which task needs to be performed on Router 1 for it to develop an OSPF adjacency through Router 2?

Issue the clear ip ospf procedure command.Remove the passive interface command from user interface FastEthernet 0/0.Add the network area 0 command come the OSPF process.Change the subnet mask of interface FastEthernet 0/0 to

Open the PT Activity. Execute the jobs in the task instructions and also then answer the question.

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Why space users in the OSPF network not able to accessibility the Internet?

The default course is no redistributed correctly from router R1 by OSPF.The interface that is connected to the ISP router is down.The OSPF network statements space misconfigured on routers R2 and R3.The OSPF timers that are configured top top routers R1, R2, and R3 room not compatible.The network explain is misconfigured ~ above router R1.

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