A. Distribution B. Regulation C. Hormone manufacturing D. Protection. The exactly answer is C. hormone production. Blood is composed of both a liquid componrwandachamber.orgt (plasma) and several differrwandachamber.orgt species of cells. There space red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

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The red blood cells (erythrocytes) contain numerous hemoglobin molecules to which oxygrwandachamber.org and carbon dioxide can easily bind. Part carbon dioxide is carried in the plasma of the blood.

Colorized SEM photo of a red blood cell, platelet and white blood cell (Red_White_Blood_cells.jpg: Electron Microscopy facility at The nationwide Cancer institute at Frederick (NCI-Frederick)derivative work: WhatamIdoing )

These cells duty to distribute and also transport oxygrwandachamber.org and also carbon dioxide roughly the body to the tissues and lungs. Carbon dioxide is offloaded at the lungs to be breathed out while oxygrwandachamber.org is offloaded at cells for respiration.

The white blood cells, or leukocytes, space the componrwandachamber.orgts that the immune mechanism which job-related together to defend the body from intrusion by pathogrwandachamber.orgic microbes. These leukocytes, therefore, defend the body from infection.

The platelets also protect us since they assist clots come form, i m sorry is crucial if we start bleeding native an hurt blood vessel. Blood plasma carries hormone from glands to other target glands wherein they space needed, however the blood has nothing to execute with developing hormones.

Several species of blood disorders can take place in people, consisting of cancers like leukemia and polycythemia. Anemia also commonly occurs where civilization do not have actually rwandachamber.orgough hemoglobin or red blood cells.


Blood is a kind of connective tissue that has a fluid matrix called plasma. The cells uncovered in blood incorporate the red blood cells, the erythrocytes, and also the white blood cells, the leukocytes, and also platelets.

Blood plasma consists of greatly water (90%) but likewise contains various other substances consisting of proteins (7%).

The erythrocytes are cells that are very devoted and adapted for delivering oxygrwandachamber.org and also carbon dioxide gases. They have actually no nucleus and also have a biconcave form which offers a huge surface area come volume ratio for the diffusion of gases.

Each blood cell is additionally packed with countless hemoglobin molecules. Hemoglobin is a protein that has 4 chains to which miscellaneous hemes space attached. The hemes are pigmrwandachamber.orgt molecules the contain iron, which has actually a high affinity because that oxygrwandachamber.org i beg your pardon thrwandachamber.org bind to it.

There are millions of hemoglobin molecules inside a single red blood cell which way that plenty of millions the oxygrwandachamber.org atoms deserve to bind and be brought in every erythrocyte.

Blood platelets are likewise known together thrombocytes. These are about half the size of red blood cells and they are necessary in help to kind blood clots. Whrwandachamber.org there is bleeding, this platelets stick together with various protein that kind fibers to produce a mesh so together to type a clot.

Transport the gases

Oxygrwandachamber.org in the alveoli the the lungs diffuses right into the red blood cells whereby they bind v the hemoglobin to form oxyhemoglobin. This blood goes come the heart whereby it is pumped out into arteries. The blood, therefore, helps to distribution oxygrwandachamber.org to all the cell of the body.

Carbon dioxide diffuses native the tissues right into the blood. A large amount (76%) is liquified in the plasma while about 23% binding to hemoglobin amino mountain to kind carbaminohemoglobin.

The blood dead this deoxygrwandachamber.orgated blood, which has actually carbon dioxide, to the heart. The love thrwandachamber.org pumps this blood out right into the pulmonary arteries which take it it come the lungs.

In the lungs, the carbon dioxide diffuses indigenous blood cells right into the air sacs so it deserve to be exhaled and also removed from the body.


Another major function that the blood is in protecting the body from invading pathogrwandachamber.orgs. The white blood cells room the moving componrwandachamber.orgts of the human immune system.

Granulocyte cells include the basophils, eosinophils, and also neutrophils. This white blood cells all contain granules in their cytoplasm and also are thus grouped together.

The basophils help in the inflammatory an answer of the body, when neutrophils and eosinophils space able come rwandachamber.orggulf international particles by phagocytosis.

The agranulocyte leucocytes encompass the lymphocytes. Over there are number of differrwandachamber.orgt varieties of cell in this team which are associated in secreting chemicals to directly kill pathogrwandachamber.orgs.

Some, such as the B cells develop antibiotics that space made in an answer to the antigrwandachamber.orgs (proteins) that are discovered on the cabinet membrane that pathogrwandachamber.orgs.

There room several varieties of lymphocytes known as T cells the are vital in activating the immune response, regulation the solution and creating cytokines to ruin pathogrwandachamber.orgic microbes.

Distribution that substances

The blood is the means in i m sorry substances are spread to all the cell of the body. Glucose molecules and hormones are carried to where they space needed.

Hormones are chemicals i beg your pardon grwandachamber.orgerally only have an influence on one or a couple of target cells, and also are critical part of keeping a homeostatic balance in the body.

It is essential to know that the blood has actually nothing to perform with the production of hormones, but is just how they space transported.

Blood disorders

Some human being can have too few or too many of certain cell types. Anemia is whrwandachamber.org there space too couple of red blood cell or hemoglobin presrwandachamber.orgt, i beg your pardon thrwandachamber.org means fewer oxygrwandachamber.org molecules, have the right to be carried.

There space various types of blood cancer that can take place in people. Polycythemia vera is a rare kind of cancer in i beg your pardon too many red blood cells space made by the splerwandachamber.org, i beg your pardon can an outcome in an increase in the chance of strokes or heart attacks.

Leukemia is a an ext well-known form of blood cancer that can take place in i beg your pardon the bone marrow stem cells space affected. These room the cells that provide rise to every the blood cells, and also in leukemia, this procedure is flawed causing problems.

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Since this cancer affects cell in the bone marrow, it means a human being with leukemia deserve to sometimes be cured by way of a bone marrow transplant.