Hello ... Have the right to anyone call me the why I obtained this error that which of the complying with incorrectly matches the term through its location?

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There room two problems here:

The regex ofPattern.matcherwill no look for the complete string unless you add a leading^(start of regex) and trailing$(end that regex).file.getName()will return the name including file extension.

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So, there space two feasible solutions:

1) you could adjust the regex that the pattern so the matches does only complement the full file-name:

int count=0;Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("^" + patternName + "\\.?.+$");for(File f: fileList) Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(f.getName()); if(matcher.find()) count++; Short explanation that the regex:

^NUTS\\.?.+$^ $ # Start and end that the regex, to enhance the entire file-name NUTS # The document name you desire to examine \\.?.* # one (optional) record extension (i.e. `.txt`)2) You could remove the extension, and also use an.equals:

int count=0;for(File f: fileList) wire fileNameWithoutExtension = f.getName().split("\\.")<0>; if(patternName.equals(fileNameWithoutExtension)) count++;
answeredMar 26Huzaifa86.2k points
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