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Searching because that tofu in the grocery store store? It can be in a couple of different spots. Below are the aisles to check...

We"ll likewise tell girlfriend which stores carry it. In addition, we"ll re-superstructure our favorite tofu to order virtual in the table below.


Nine times the end of ten, the tofu is walking to it is in in the develop area that any major supermarket. Generally, it"ll be with products like mock meats, wonton wrappers and refrigerated salad dressings.

If the save you walk to doesn"t have tofu in the create section, watch if there"s a natural foodstuffs section. There may be a different refrigerator because that vegan and also vegetarian items favor tofu.

Now, silken tofu is frequently sold in vacuum-sealed packages in the shelf-stable aisles quite than in the refrigerators. Usually, you"ll check out it in a vegetarian, necessary or natural foods section.

Lastly, check the dairy aisle. Part stores ar tofu through cheeses and also non-vegan foods. If you"re still struggling to situate it, inspect our keep guide below to check out where you have the right to buy it...

And don"t forget to obtain a tofu press to acquire the water out! examine out our list of the best tofu press alternatives if you"re considering come buy one. Not just does pushing tofu improve the texture however it also makes it an ext flavorful because it absorbs an ext flavor.

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What Stores offer Tofu?

Asian Markets - asian markets are an excellent bets as soon as it comes to tofu. There"s a an excellent chance you can even get tofu in bulk.Trader Joe"s - businessman Joe"s sells level tofu and also marinated and also baked tofu in a range of flavors under the brand name.Your Local wellness Food Store - there is no a doubt, your local herbal food keep will offer tofu.Safeway - If girlfriend live near a Safeway, protect against in for a selection of tofu products, including sprouted and also organic tofu.Kroger - Kroger supplies tofu from an easy Truth and also House Foods, among other brands.Publix - Publix is an additional spot you"ll have no trouble finding tofu in, consisting of shelf-stable tofu and also water-packed tofu in the develop section.

Love tofu? Be sure to check out it"s cousin: tempeh! discover out where to purchase tempeh in the grocery store.

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Great ways to usage Tofu

Make Tofu Scramble because that Breakfast

This might be one of the an extremely best ideas for tofu, though it"s tough telling once there space so many amazing things you have the right to do v tofu. Suffice it come say, if girlfriend haven"t do tofu scramble yet, you"re walk to be pleasantly surprised at how an easy and delicious the is. Include any sauteed veggies you like—we think onions and bell peppers are a classic combo.

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Whip up a vegetable Cheesecake

There are limitless recipes out there for vegan cheesecake. Tofu renders it creamy and also decadent, just like dairy cheesecake. When you try it, you"ll it is in hooked!

Make general Tso"s Tofu

Really, general Tso"s tofu is just the start when it pertains to stir-fries and also tofu dressed in every kinds of delicious sauces. Shot this sweet and also tangy tofu cooking recipes if girlfriend haven"t before, and also then explore all the various creations out there. You have the right to probably carry out a different one for every job of the year.

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