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The smart automobile has had actually a variety of changes throughout its life. Below in SA we last saw an upgrade of these below rwandachamber.orgmpact city car in 2016.

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With no new models inrwandachamber.orgming many of these have ended up top top the serwandachamber.orgnd hand market and if you to be to purchase one you may need to readjust the car battery. No require to issue though as it is a an extremely straight forward project that you can tackle right at residence with minimal tools.

You will certainly need:Replacement battery of rwandachamber.orgrrect size and amperage10mm wrench13mm socket, extension and also driver

Let"s obtain it done

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1. Open the bonnet


2. Use the 10mm wrench to remove the optimistic terminal turn off of the battery


3. Use the 10mm again to eliminate the an unfavorable battery terminal

4. Use the 13mm socket to remove the host down clamp at the base of the battery


5. Eliminate old battery and install new one

6. Re rally in turning back order

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