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This week’s featured track story concerns us indigenous Matthew West. We’re excited to share through you the amazing story behind his powerful single “Mended.”

Click ~ above the video clip interview below to hear Matthew West re-publishing the full story and meaning behind this powerful track, and also scroll down to listen and read the complete lyrics the the song.

From the album never Live Forever.


“Mended” Lyrics

How many times have the right to one heart break? / It was never supposed to it is in this wayLook in the mirror, however you discover someone you never ever thought you’d be

Oh, however I have the right to still acknowledge / The one i love in your tear stained eyesI understand you might not see him now, for this reason lift her eyes to me

When you check out broken past repair / I check out healing past beliefWhen you see too far gone / I watch one step away native home

When you view nothing however damaged items / I check out something good in the makingI’m no finished however / as soon as you watch wounded, I view mended

You view your worst failure / however I see the price ns paidThere’s naught you could ever do, to shed what grace has won

So host on, it’s not the finish / No, this is whereby love’s work-related beginsI’m making every things new / and I will make a wonder of you

When you view broken beyond repair / I see healing past beliefWhen you check out too far gone / I check out one step away from home

When you see nothing but damaged goods / I see something good in the makingI’m no finished yet / once you view wounded, I view mended

I check out my child, my beloved / The brand-new creation you’re becomingYou watch the scars from as soon as you dropped / however I view the story they will tell

You view worthless, I watch priceless / You watch pain, but I check out a purposeYou check out unworthy, undeserving / however I view you v eyes that mercy

When you view broken past repair / I check out healing beyond beliefYou’re not too far gone / You’re one action away from home

When you watch nothing but damaged goods / I check out something an excellent in the makingI’m not finished yet, no / as soon as you see wounded, I view mended

Ooh, I see mended / Woah, five I see mendedI’m no finished however / as soon as you view wounded, I see mended