In apps on iPhone, you can use the onscreen key-board to enter and edit text. You can likewise use an external keyboard and also dictation to go into text.

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In any type of app that enables text editing, open the onscreen key-board by tapping a message field. Madness individual secrets to type, or use QuickPath to form a native by sliding from one letter come the next without lifting her finger (not easily accessible for every languages). To end a word, lift your finger. You can use either an approach as friend type, and even move in the center of a sentence. (If friend tap

after sliding to type a word, the deletes the entirety word.)


Note: As you slide to type, you see suggested alternatives to the word you’re entering, fairly than predictions for your following word.

While beginning text, you deserve to do any of the following:

Type uppercase letters: madness Shift, or touch the Shift vital and slide to a letter.

Turn on caps Lock: Double-tap Shift.

Quickly end a sentence through a duration and a space: Double-tap the an are bar.

Correct spelling: Tap a misspelled word (underlined in red) to see suggested corrections, then tap a pointer to change the word, or form the correction.

Enter numbers, punctuation, or symbols: insanity


Undo the last edit: Swipe left with 3 fingers.

Redo the last edit: Swipe appropriate with 3 fingers.

Enter emoji: insanity or to move to the emoji keyboard. You can search for an emoji by entering a frequently used word—such as “heart” or “smiley face”—in the find field above the emoji keyboard, climate swipe through the emoji that appear.


You can also dictate message or usage Magic Keyboard (sold separately) to get in text.

Turn the onscreen keyboard right into a trackpad

Touch and hold the room bar v one finger till the keyboard turns irradiate gray.

Move the insertion suggest by dragging about the keyboard.


To pick text, touch and also hold the key-board with a 2nd finger, then adjust the an option by moving the very first finger roughly the keyboard.

Enter accented letters or other personalities while typing

While typing, touch and hold the letter, number, or symbol on the key-board that’s concerned the character you want.

For example, to enter é, touch and also hold the e key, climate slide to pick a variant.


You can also do any kind of of the following:

On a Thai keyboard: To pick native numbers, touch and also hold the related Arabic number.

On a Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic keyboard: insanity a argued character or candidate at the height of the key-board to enter it, or swipe left to see more candidates.

Note: To watch the full candidate list, insanity the up arrowhead on the right. To go back to the brief list, insanity the down arrow.

Move text

In a text modifying app, pick the text you desire to move.


Touch and also hold the selected message until it elevator up, then drag it to one more location in ~ the app.

If you traction to the bottom or optimal of a lengthy document, the document automatically scrolls.


If you readjust your mind about moving the text, lift her finger before dragging, or drag the text off the screen.

Set inputting options

You have the right to turn on special keying features—such together predictive text and also auto-correction—that assist you as soon as you form on iPhone.

While typing message using the onscreen keyboard, touch and hold or , climate tap key-board Settings. Girlfriend can likewise go to settings

 > General > Keyboard.

In the list, revolve the typing features (below every Keyboards) ~ above or off.

Type through one hand

To do it much easier to form with one hand, you have the right to move the secrets closer to her thumb—on every iPhone models except iPhone SE (1st generation).

Touch and also hold or .

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Tap among the key-board layouts. (For example, choose

to relocate the keyboard to the ideal side of the screen.)

To center the key-board again, insanity the best or left edge of the keyboard.

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