Telling someone they have actually “cat-like reflexes” have to be taken into consideration one the highest physical compliments. You speak it as soon as a friend records a glass the slips turn off the table or once a baseball player snags a line journey right before it breaks their nose. Those human examples of speed and agility have the right to be impressive, however they’re nothing contrasted to what her cat have the right to do.

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We’ve checked out cats twisted in mid-air come land on your feet, swat under flies in mid-flight, and also dodge moving cars with just a second to spare. These fast movements and reactions are natural for cats, and they’re other we people can’t assist but envy.

The following time you compare someone’s actions come cat-like reflexes, think around whether or no they yes, really earned the distinction. Here’s what provides cats therefore special:


Predator Prowess

Your cat watch cute splayed the end in their sun spot or rubbing versus your legs, but don’t allow their huge eyes and also jelly bean toes fool you. Residential house cats take after ~ their huge cat cousins in that they’re developed to it is in the perfect predators…just in miniature. From ears to tail, feline anatomy is designed to hunt and bring under prey. And also when your meal of choice is a quick-footed field mouse or easily-startled bird, you need to be fast to obtain what girlfriend want.

Research reflects that feline reflexes space at least 1.5 times quicker than that of the typical dog. They’re likewise a lot faster than the of a human. The reasonable theory as to why cats room so quick is due to the fact that while dogs and humans deserve to both it is in hunters, they’re not generally as reliant on hunting as cats. Cats tamed themselves long after dog turned to humans, and also without fast reflexes to capture their tiny prey, they could have starved their means into extinction.

Breakdown the Cat-Like Reflexes


While it’s misleading come say that cat have far better eyesight than humans, lock do have visual capabilities that offer them benefits in details situations. Cats generally have 20/100 vision, which method they’re near-sighted. They’d need to be 20 feet far from miscellaneous to see it as plainly as a well-sighted person at 100 feet.


Cats, however, compensate for that limitation with boosted peripheral vision, far better night vision, and also the capacity to finding movement. These abilities all contribute to those cat-like reflexes.

With a more comprehensive field the view, cat don’t have to waste your time transforming their head to check out incoming objects. The extra second allows them to reaction instantly. Thanks to their unique light-reflecting eye structure, cat can additionally detect and track quick movements also in low-light situations. This is a skill that come in comfortable while hunting prey, and also while pouncing at her ankles in the dark hallway.


With unusually versatile spines, cat are capable of twisting your bodies in ways that improve their reflexes. The discs that room located between vertebrae are especially elastic to allow cats come twist your torsos 180 degrees. Humans, in comparison, deserve to usually only turn 90 degrees. This way cats have actually the capacity to reach points that a human being wouldn’t.

Cats likewise have what’s called a “righting reflex.” This reflex is how cats (almost) always land on their feet. They use the vestibular device in your inner ear come twist and right themselves also when they’re free-falling. Some research studies have displayed that cats can twist us so easily in mid-air that they have the right to land on their feet also within a 12-inch drop.


Speed and also Strength

You can’t have actually cat-like reflexes without rate or strength. The feline family has the faster land animal in the world—the cheetah—and also your lazy home kitty is fast when they desire to be. The average domestic cat have the right to sprint at an superior 30 miles per hour. This is around on par, and also sometimes also faster, than the typical dog (excluding the Greyhound, the course.)

Besides sprinting, cat are also quick come swat and pounce. Their combination of flexibility, speed, and eyesight permits them come strike out and also jump into action with much less than a moment’s notice.


When it concerns strength, don’t let your cat’s small size fool you. A right cat has actually flexible muscle that allow them to perform incredible physical feats. For example, cats have the right to jump ripe times their elevation from a was standing start. Imagine a six-foot human suddenly launching themselves 54 feet in the air, that’s how solid cats are.

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All of these physical abilities, skills, and natural instincts combine to offer cats your extraordinary reflexes. It takes lock barely a 2nd to think about what they must do and act ~ above it. You can have the occasional minute of knee-jerk response, but any human would certainly be lucky to have true cat-like reflexes.