Clean and sanitary tableware is as an essential to restaurants together a menu. When provided properly, three compartment sinks aid restaurants continue to be up to wellness code standards. However, you need to train your staff to follow every the procedures in the three sink method. Noncompliance with 3 compartment sink rules have the right to lead come food-borne illnesses, hefty fines, and, in ~ worst, restaurant closures. To aid prevent this damaging consequences, we’ve created a overview explaining exactly how to use your three compartment sink correctly.

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3 Sink Method

The three sink an approach is the hands-on procedure for cleaning and also sanitizing bowl in advertising settings. Fairly than providing extr workspace to do the very same function, the 3 compartments permit kitchen staff to wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes. Every step has its own set of rules and also requirements.

The three sink technique predates commercial dishwashers and also is a reliable, FDA-approved method to clean commercial dishware, cookware, and also kitchen utensils. Due to the fact that not all utensils and also cookware items space dishwasher safe, and many huge pots won"t fit in dishwashers, 3 compartment sinks remain important to foodservice establishments.

Important: never use your 3 compartment sink because that anything various other than cleaning, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes. Execute not permit hand washing or the dumping of mop water in your three compartment sink.

3 Compartment Sink Order

The FDA needs commercial foodservice establishments to both clean and also sanitize your dishes in their hands-on washing process. Three compartment sinks have a logical order to assist you appropriately clean and sanitize dishes. When those who misunderstand the terms use them interchangeably, cleaning and also sanitizing describe two different functions. Cleaning is the plot of removing surface ar debris, and sanitizing is the action of using a chemistry agent or warm water to kill invisible bacteria. Label every sink to help staff mental the FDA required three compartment sink order.

Sink 1 = WashSink 2 = RinseSink 3 = Sanitize

Three Compartment Sink Steps


While there are just three sinks, there are five important steps you require to complete when utilizing your three compartment sink. We’ve outlined the 5 steps in the manual commercial dishwashing method below for this reason you have the right to adhere to the FDA’s three compartment sink rules.

Scrape leftover food off the dishes.Use the very first sink come scrub the bowl in soapy, heat water (minimum temperature the 110 levels Fahrenheit required).Use the 2nd sink to rinse the bowl in clean, warm water (minimum temperature that 110 degrees Fahrenheit).Use the third sink to soak the key in a chemical sanitizing solution. Describe the directions provided by your chosen sanitizer come determine just how long the dishes should remain submerged. Alternately, you can use hot water in ~ 171 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter rather of sanitizing chemicals. If you select to sanitize in warm water, leave the dishes sit in the scalding water because that a minimum of 30 seconds.Always air-dry the dishes. Otherwise, you risk recontamination.

Important: replace the water anytime it shows up dirty.

Water Temperature in a 3 Compartment Sink

The compelled water temperature in a 3 compartment sink depends on the sink she filling. The water in the an initial and second sink needs to be a minimum the 110 levels Fahrenheit to fulfill the FDA requirements. If you plan to use water in your third sanitizing sink, the water have to be 171 levels Fahrenheit or hotter. Check with her local health and wellness guidelines to make certain you’re adhering to local requirements.

Important: use a thermometer to check the water temperature.

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What Sanitizer Is frequently Used in the three Sink System?


The most frequently used sanitizer in the three sink system is chlorine bleach because it’s the cheapest option. You have the right to purchase continual bleach, dilute it to 50 or 100ppm, and use the in your three compartment sink. Other well-known sanitizer options for three compartment sinks room quat (QAC) and also iodine.

Important: protect your employee by outfitting them v dishwashing gloves.

3 Compartment Sink Sanitizer Temperature

Each of the generally used chemistry sanitizers has actually a unique temperature requirement. Whichever sanitizing equipment you choose, you must leave the bowl submerged in the sanitizer for at least one minute. Inspect your local wellness guidelines to comply through their particular sanitizer soak time stipulations.

Chlorine systems = 75-120 degrees FahrenheitQuaternary equipment = 75-90 degrees FahrenheitIodine solution = 75 levels Fahrenheit

When Is It crucial to Clean and also Sanitize a Utensil?

From utensils to kitchen sheers, you must clean and also sanitize every surface ar that interacts through food item after four hours that use. However, over there are added requirements that boost cleaning and sanitizing frequency. We break down when you need to clean and also sanitize utensils and also kitchen devices below.

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Every item used requires cleaning and also sanitation.If your food prep job is interrupted, clean and also sanitize her tools once you return.Clean and also sanitize as soon as you move to a new food item (ex. Chopping vegetables to working through raw meat).Every surface ar that interacts v food items should be cleaned and also sanitized after ~ every four hours the use.Back come Top

3 Compartment Sink Procedure Review

Now that you’ve learned all about three compartment sink rules and the procedures you need to take to comply v them, it’s time to test her knowledge. Price the questions listed below to check out if you’re prepared to usage your three compartment sink or if you must review this resource some more.

Which task Is Not enabled in a 3-Compartment Sink?

Dumping mop waterHand washingThawing meatAll the above