Moonlight Musicals is supplying a complimentary virtual event to help spread part holiday cheer.

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"The Polar Express: A Moonlight Reading" is reserved for 7 p.m. Monday and also can be viewed at

Join Moonlight Musicals as neighborhood singers and actors memory the holidays v a reading of "The Polar Express" by kris Van Allsburg and songs from the film performed by regional artists.

It is Christmastime at the home of Mr. Rogers and he is looking forward to see few of his neighbors and talking around how castle can help those in need.

"With carolers, charities and the soil of make-believe, this is certain to it is in a miracle night for your entire family," reads a social media post about the event.

The track list because that the production includes "When Christmas involves Town," "Santa Claus is comes to Town," "White Christmas," "Winter Wonderland," "It’s beginning to watch a Lot favor Christmas," "Silver Bells," and also "Here comes Santa Claus."

An excerpt indigenous "The Polar Express": ~ above Christmas Eve, plenty of years ago, ns lay quiet in my bed. Ns did no rustle the sheets. Ns breathed slowly and also silently. I was listening for a sound – a sound a friend had told me I’d never hear – the ringing bells that Santa’s sleigh.

"There is no Santa," my friend had insisted, however I knew he was wrong. Late that night i did listen sounds, though not of ringing bells. From external came the sound of hissing heavy steam and squeaking metal. Ns looked with my window and saw a train standing perfect still in front of my house. It to be wrapped in an apron of steam.

"Snowflakes fell lightly around it. A conductor stood at the open up door of one of the cars. He took a huge pocket clock from his vest, then looked up at my window. I placed on mine slippers and robe. Ns tiptoed downstairs and out the door.

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""All aboard!" the conductor cried out. I ran up to him. "Well," he said, "are you coming?" 

"Where?" I asked. "Why, come the north Pole, the course," was his answer. "This is the Polar Express." 

"I take it his outstretched hand and he pulled me aboard."

"Moonlight Readings space our means of saying thank you and also giving ago to the community. As each new season brings reasons to celebrate, sign up with us in celebrate our community together. Every one of our videos are developed by volunteer to carry joy come the heart v a wide array of imaginative talent," reads the group"s website.

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