Roblox is an online digital platform whereby gamers play through their girlfriend of various other random peoples. This digital platform is quite interactive and fun come play. The main target audience that Roblox is players from periods 8 to 18 however this video game can be took pleasure in by all age groups. You can interact with others by chatting, developing games, playing games, and much more. This unique element of the game makes it yes, really good.

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Roblox Myths is no actually myths that the Roblox. That a team in the Roblox ar that is renowned for that abnormal, mysterious, and also deadly maps/creatures. This scary group is quite well known now end the Roblox platform and also has been joined by end 267k+ members till now. They have actually a term referred to as Myth which have the right to be one of two people person, place, or point which is interactable in-game.

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Latest Roblox myth ReleaseList of every Roblox Myths

What precisely is Roblox Myth?

Roblox Myths are the custom person, place, or thing made in Roblox to have actually a scary horror experience. Most of this maps are discovered by users of the team Roblox Myth. These practice characters/maps have their own easter egg and facility hidden spots. There is a complete of 35 Myths together of now.

Myths are also termed together Creepypastas in the game by plenty of players. The hatchet originates indigenous Creepy + Pasta. This explains all the creepy and horror story in the game. Back not every one of these stories room real, they room worth reading the suspense.

Myths are the great way to experience horror gamings in Roblox.

Who is the admin that the Roblox Myths group?

Roblox Myths team is created by a user called “SenseiViny“. Apart from the founder, there room two chairmen, “creamofcrab” and “Phil_p” respectively. Except these 3 guys, there space two developer who create Roblox Myths and also manage them. Their usernames room “GrubbyGamer19” and also “PapaBreadd“. This 5 users are the key handlers that the Roblox Myths group.

Latest Roblox legend Release

So far there are 35 Myths accessible on Roblox. The developer of RM are investing the maps come find brand-new information on this myths. A map has actually been created to experience every one of these Myths –

Roblox’s Myths Containment Facility

This map is based on a story whereby you have to fight against the creatures for your survival. The key objective of this myth is come escape the facility and win. Released ago in November 2017, this Roblox Myth has actually been checked out by 1.4M+ users it spins now. You deserve to play this Myth v a preferably of 50 players.

Game connect – here

List of all Roblox Myths

So far, there room 35 Roblox Myths accessible excluding Containment Facility. This Myths room all uncovered by RM group of YouTubers. They’ve to be contributing come the information of every myth ever before since.Bookmark this page to save the perform of every Roblox Myths.Let’s dive right into it –



Ulifer is a brown-colored humanoid, who has a big machete. He’s rumored come be utilizing that machete ~ above his targets. This scary character was found in 2011. This personality is additionally expected come be connected with the Shadelight myth.

The black Room

The black Room is an occurrence in which two brothers were thought to be playing in a dark room. Climate the older brothers pranked top top this tiny brother through leaving him alone the dark room. When he came back after 16 hours, his tiny brother was absent but he can hear his voice in the room. This is one of the scariest legend in Roblox.

The Eyeless Man

The Eyeless male is a character in Roblox which offered some script to make the player blind. This character would need you to say this desired phrase, otherwise, he’ll just make girlfriend blind. This character very first appeared in 2008. He used to hunt the in-game players and also make castle blind.


This myth is linked with a actual player named Melvin. There offered to it is in a player called Melvin that once gained diagnosed by cancer and also then died. The Roblox made a transparent ghost in his honor. This mysterious ghost was removed afterwards from Roblox.


G0Z is a clown looking personality which caused the beginning of every clown myths. This character proclaimed himself hematologist and invite other players in stimulate to killing them. This mysterious player was an initial spotted in 2018 and also the character disappeared in 2019. Countless YouTubers tried to do additional investigation top top him however couldn’t find anything.

The Nursery Myths

The Nursery Myths ere uncovered in Shadelight Investigations. This team contained little children i m sorry were controlled by FatherGrimm. These children were then scattered into different myths.

Caroline & Clinten

Caroline and Clinten room pink-haired characters that are associated with G0Z, Noil, etc. Caroline was a an excellent character amongst them, she likes to make human being happy. However Clinten on the other hand is certain worse. She murders the players she met. Both of them wear the very same dress.


Smile is a black color character with a huge white laugh on his face. This personality has believed to haunt the football player from 2011 to 2013. This nonplayer entity used to ping the players to sign up with them. Back the football player would get his message, castle were no able come click his profile. This raised terror amongst players.


Grimblox is a bug where players were deleted from the communication mysteriously. This myth was never ever recorded online, but many football player reported that in the forums. Grimblox reasons the entire game to crash of any kind of player and also then teleport them to an empty dark room the following time they join it.


Jewk was a happy healthy character in Roblox. Its thought that one day, he was bullied in his school, i beg your pardon made him depressed. In the fury of this depression, he eliminated his dog and also injured his mother.


Hangman is a complete black entity with eco-friendly eyes. Its believed that the Hangman to be AI i m sorry predicted many Roblox events before happening. it was very first discovered in November 2011. This Roblox myth predicted the 2012 hacking and also Eric Cassel’s death. The character is idle ever due to the fact that its creator committed suicide.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a famed painting by Da Vinci. This paint was watched in Containment Facility and also was also believed come be seen in games of other Myths like G0z, Ulifer, Noli.


Lezus is a white skin character v a snake on its right arm. He supplied to article the expression “Tick tock… tick tock…” over countless forums i m sorry caused numerous different rumors.

Sarge extreme Face

This myth was discovered in 2012 by the RM group. This face was a recreation ~ above Sarge challenge in Roblox. The challenge wasn’t released to the magazine due come the catastrophic trial and error failures, however, it have the right to still be discovered on ROBLOX to this day.


WilsonGrey is a practice made avatar which acquired famous because of this game “Welcome Home“. This Roblox legend was uncovered in April 2014. This character was renowned for his diary which to be investigated and unlocked with a password “NETHRIS”.


Louhi is a Roblox character through a black color skirt and also leggings. This personality is renowned for its collection of dolls and figurines. This collectible hobby to be then converted into her game “My Dollhouse” which go viral.


Orenen is a character with jacket Pants and also Winter Jacket. Orenen rarely shows up in-game or speak at all, however when he does, that is in character and also is an especially cunning and also cordial.


Blacksundays is a character v a smiling face and a black color torso. This character to be terminated in 2011 without any kind of explanation. This character offered to join the games where players were virtually close to fixing a puzzle, then he’d prevent the player from resolving that puzzle.


Masqueraze is a purple-colored entity that has two glow eyes. This reality is also involved in Shadelight Myth. This entity is one of the five keys in Shadelight. This reality is additionally known as The purple Mask.


Zeltrek is a character thought to it is in a substantial follower that satan. This Roblox legend has been among the most renowned Myths of every time. The was first discovered in 2009, then the developer banned his account lot of times, but still, he maintained coming back. He’s famous for his well-known phrase “All hail satan”.


1x1x1x1 is a check account developed by among the developers. This account has then hacked by some unknown users and was discovered to it is in griefing other players. This character’s avatar was white on top and pastel blue color on the legs.

The Faceless Guest

The Faceless Guest is a personality that had actually no Face. This mysterious personality made a huge name in Roblox Myths and is still gift investigated. This character used to trap the football player in the place. The main weird thing around this character was the it was a Guest account, no a user-created account.

Error 45229

Error 45229 is a popular Roblox myth in which a player would request friend to join a game, climate after clicking on the connect the computer system of the player would crash. After ~ crashing, if you open up Roblox again, her name would be adjusted to 45229, and avatar the too comparable to Error 45229’s avatar.

Declined 666

Declined666 is an entity that is totally black in color and also has a demonish model. This reality is believed to have actually “Enlightened” users, what it means is, whenever a player beginning a game, their account will certainly go silent. This have the right to be impacted by an indefinite amount of time. As soon as resolved, your avatar will change to an all-black avatar similar to Declined666’s avatar.

The days Union

The job Union is a team of players who arisen multiple games that became famous later on. Together of now, there room 22k+ members in your group. That was founded in November 2018. The Night Coalition is an opponent of The job Union. These two groups have enormous battles over their games.


Terroah is a scarecrow character through its relations from Shadelight and also Goldity. Terroah is believed to be discovered in Containment Facility. Terroah is likewise believed to be among the keys in Shadelight.


Chuck_Lloyd is a zombie character that has over 4.8M+ access time on the Roblox page. He’s an important part the Shadelight. He was one of the tricks to the story. Shadelight is located under Chuck’s home in the basement, he is also one the the keys that open Shadelight.


Shadelight is a renowned Myth in the Roblox community. This myth has been connected with plenty of other Myths favor Chuck_Lloyd, Ulifer, and Terroah. Shadelight each other the surname of a team of all myths neighboring the investigation and White Demon (Him). The door to the Shadelight will only open if every the 5 secrets are found.


DrMach is believed to it is in a Therapist. DrMach’s place has been went to by an ext than 100k+ users however unfortunately, more investigation discover that his avatar is either ruined or decapitated. over there is a famous investigation collection over him on Youtube.


Goldity is a Roblox Myth that was discovered in the examination of Shadelight. This character has actually a golden hat and also shirt. He’s one of the many mysterious characters in Shadelight. There is not lot information about him due to the fact that he is hardly ever online.

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Final Words

Roblox Myths are complete of secret characters and also entities. Few of these myths are new while few of them are fairly old. Ns hope we’ll get an ext information on every one of these myths.