I walked down Tenth Street this morning and as ns passed Clayton’s, a favourite restaurant, ns observed the only half of the “grown ups” and also fewer than fifty percent of the young adult were wearing face masks. Among the adults, was no wearing a mask while transferring on a much-too-close conversation v some other no-mask adult wearers.

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While I appreciate the controversy surrounding the wear/no wear mask issue, it would certainly make sense, that if over there is any chance whatsoever, the wearing a mask can prevent the dispersing of COVID-19, then us all should wear one as soon as in public. A no brainer.

As a long time Coronado resident, I would certainly hope the our city council would enforce the “Wear a Mask” indications on our roadways through fines, citations or whatever, as numerous other cities in the nation have done.

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So, please wear a mask … be serious, stow the “devil may care” attitude. The life girlfriend save can be who you care about.


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