Michael Jordan is well-known as the legend the legends. Throughout his NBA career, he has actually left a many buzzes. He was favor a sportsman of his time.

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So, what place did Michael Jordan play? during his NBA experience, Michael Jordan play in 3 positions: shoot Guard (SG), tiny Forward (SF), and point Guard (PG).

In this article, Langley Rams will certainly summarize the impressions that Michael Jordan when he theatre in these 3 positions!

Let’s read on to discover!


Michael Jordan is popular as the legend that legends


Which position Did Michael Jordan Play transparent His Career?1. Shoot Guard 

What Is Michael Jordan position in Basketball?

Michael Jordan tried his hand at three positions throughout his year in the NBA career. They space Shooting guard (SG), little Forward (SF), and point Guard (PG). In all three positions, the did fine to acquire himself respectable achievements.

Michael Jordan Overview

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born 17th February 1963) is a world-renowned American retired NBA player. He was instrumental in bringing NBA basketball an international popularity in the 1980s and also 1990s.

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Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Human being call that an NBA legend once the Chicago Bulls winner 6 NBA championships in the 90s the the critical century.

Michael Jordan is frequently “featured” in the star lineup at the end of the season. Michael Jordan is an inspiration and function model because that young players to reach.

Since Michael Jordan played in the NBA in 1984, the NBA’s audience has actually doubled to an ext than 20 million see in a single season. The number of American viewers watching the NBA top top television also doubled to more than 100 million views. Much more than 2.5 exchange rate spectators global become NBA fans.

In 1993, Michael Jordan announced his retirement in ~ the age of 30. Then he went back to play in the Chicago Bulls team in 1995. In 1999, Michael Jordan announced his 2nd retirement and also then reverted to complete in the NBA once. Again. This time indigenous 2001-03 in the Washington Wizards shirt.

In 2015, Michael Jordan was “honored” to it is in the just sports athlete in the Forbes list of billionaires v $1 billion.

Recall the positions on the Basketball Court.

Below are 5 main positions of NBA football player on the basketball court:

Point Guard Shooting guard Small Forward Power Forward Center


Five location on the basketball field

Which position Did Michael Jordan Play transparent His Career?

Below space three positions MJ played in his basketball career:

1. Shoot Guard 

Shooting safety is Michael Jordan’s position in the NBA.

Shooting guard in College

Michael Jordan started his career play in a shooting guard position. Appropriate from the start, people saw this together a promising guy. He winner the ACC freshman of the Year compensation while in college.

When the was play under coach Smith, that showed distinctive stats. Because that example, he score 13.4 ppg on 53.4% ​​shooting.

In 1982, Jordan make the jump that made decision Georgetown’s loss at the NCAA Championship. At that time, the head that the opposing team to be Patrick Ewing. After that, the two frequently encountered each other in the NBA.

Jordan ongoing his next three periods as the played because that the Tar Heels team. In ~ this point, his stats preserved going up.

It was additionally thanks come the jump the year that he gradually arised in basketball.

Jordan got the Player that the Year and also the lumber College Naismith compensation in 1984. Jordan then began his enrollment while play in the NBA.

Shooting safety in NBA

The shoot guard position has actually accompanied Jordan during his gold years. A shooting guard is a position with many things come exploit. That has conditions that help players to explode in the match. Must contact this the position of Michael Jordan. The ultimately enabled him to display all his skills and energy.

Michael Jordan is among the ideal shooters in history. The became an example for the shoot guards the followed.

Michael Jordan scored 30.12 clues in a game. So far, this continues to be a problematic milestone to overcome. V the assist of Jordan, the Chicago Bulls additionally had the finest years in your history.

In addition, he has a perfect teammate named Scottie Pippen. The little forward joined Michael Jordan to create the many unexpected goals.

In the shooting guard position, as well as scoring goals, he likewise does fine in creating the ball. ~ above average, Jordan has five assists for a game. That proves Jordan’s flexibility in any kind of position.


Shooting safety is Michael Jordan’s place in his NBA career

2. Small Forward 

MJ officially stated goodbye to the Bulls ~ the 1998 season. He climate joined the Washington Wizards as a tiny forward in 2001.

Michael Jordan probably decided this position since he is also quite old in ~ this time. The little forward will likely carry a better experience v the health problems at that time.

When changing positions, girlfriend will have to change everything, such as tactics, play. Perform you think Michael Jordan have the right to adapt as soon as he is so used to shoot guard gameplay? Jordan go it.

During the 2001-02 season, Jordan could average 21 scores per game in his early forties.

With that shine, he continued to play at the all-star game.

After two years with the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan made decision to retire.

Although the didn’t get the auras he had actually when play in the shoot guard, that was much more than sufficient for his age. In addition, MJ likewise suffered numerous injuries and also took a lengthy break before coming ago to a new position. 

The efforts and results the MJ had achieved in the tiny forward place are an ext than admirable.


Small front doesn’t make it difficult for Jordan

3. Allude Guard 

People don’t it seems to be ~ to notification Jordan’s suggest Guard place as lot as shooting Guard. But he played allude guard in a period of his career.

If girlfriend look closely, girlfriend will understand that 6’1 is the standard height for the suggest guard position. However, MJ is 6’6 tall. Human being expressed concern that he could not have the ability to play point guard well.

Sam Vincent’s increasingly bad performances put the team in huge trouble. At that time, Sam Vincent was the point guard the the Chicago Bulls. The trouble for coach Doug Collins is to discover a suitable replacement for the point guard. 

Doug Collins made decision MJ. It could have to be a reckless decision at the time since it was entirely brand-new for MJ. However later, this was one of the right moves the this talented leader.

Jordan played 24 games throughout that season as a suggest guard. He average 30.4 scores, 9.2 rebounds, 2.4 steals, and 10.7 assists every match. He also averaged 12 triple-doubles.

These numbers are imposing because that a allude guard player. However, Jordan’s achievements in the previous duration were also outstanding. It was so big that fans forgot the he played in this position and played very well.

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Coach Doug Collins do the appropriate decision come let MJ play in the position of allude Guard

Final Thoughts 

Now, stop come ago to the above question: “what position was Michael Jordan?” MJ played hard and also did fine in all three positions: shoot Guard, small Forward, and point Guard. The flexible player’s bravery, talent, and enthusiasm have made him a legend.