1. Resurrect old lenses by changing the day on your phone.

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Really miss the puking rainbow or demon lenses? though Snapchat swaps in new lenses each day, you can revert come previous ones that have actually disappeared by transforming the day in her device"s main settings.On iOS, go to Settings --> basic --> date & Time and turn turn off "set automatically." top top Android, go to Settings --> day & Time and also uncheck "automatic date and also time."Then, choose the day that available the lenses you want to use again (if you desire a look at the very first batch, go ago to Sept. 15, 2015, the work of the update). Remember, it"s probably not a an excellent idea come leave her phone ~ above the wrong date long-term, together it could mess with various other apps. So once you"re done snapping, change your settings ago to automatic.

2. Use two filters in ~ once.

If you just can"t choose between a geofilter and one that Snapchat"s photo filters, good news: girlfriend don"t have actually to. To use a combination, swipe end your photo as you generally would to include the very first filter.Then, organize down top top the display with one finger and also carefully swipe end the photograph with another finger to include the second filter. This might take number of tries to place your fingers correctly, however the an outcome is using 2 filters simultaneously.

3. Secure her account with two-step verification.

To add an extra great of defense to her Snapchat account, enable login verification. Once you carry out so, you won"t have the ability to log in to your account native a new machine until you get in a code sent out to you via SMS.Go come the app"s settings and also select "login verification" to set this up. You deserve to also change the number associated with the account, if you choose to obtain verification codes sent to an alternative number.

4. Change the name that your friends will view in chat.

You can conveniently view a friend"s Snapchat details from within a chat. Insanity the hamburger food selection in the upper-left hand edge to get a rapid look at her contact"s Snapchat score and also Snapcode. You can likewise edit the contact"s name, block them or remove the conversation.
Editing a contact"s name can be a beneficial workaround to the means Snapchat organizes contacts, an especially if you have actually a long list of Snapchat friends. Include an "a_" prior to names you desire to appear appear very first in her friends perform to eliminate unnecessary scrolling once you"re deciding that to send a snap to.
You can likewise bring increase a similar menu through tapping and also holding a contact"s name all over within the app, which permits you to edit that person"s name, send a snap or post or view his or her Snapcode.

5. Include extra text to her snaps.

A handy means to circumvent the character border is using the note app. Choose a selection of empty text and copy the to your clipboard. Then, open up Snapchat and paste it into the text field in your snap.
You"ll need to copy the blank text field -- copy a longer text snippet won"t occupational -- and also then manually relocate the cursor to the next line in order come take benefit of the full amount of space.

6. Turn on travel setting to save data.

Anyone who supplies Snapchat a lot to know the application can it is in a battery hog. However the app has a built-in feature the conserves your valuable data: take trip mode.When enabled, the feature avoids snaps and stories from downloading automatically. Instead, users pick when they want to load a snap or a story. Head come the app"s settings, and find the "Additional Services" menu, pick "Manage" to regulate when travel setting is on,

7. Add new friends also if girlfriend don"t have actually their call info.

Snapchat"s "add nearby" feature permits groups of friends to easily add each various other on Snapchat, noted they are in the same vicinity. Walk to the "add friends" section of the app and select "add nearby" because that a shortcut to add a brand-new connection.

8. Usage emoji to include extra shade to her photos.

You can use the app"s emoji sticker labels to include some oomph to her photos. Select one v the desired color and also increase its size (by zooming v two fingers) so that takes up the entirety screen and the edges begin to pixelate. Then, drag the pixelated area over the frame to do it look like a filter.
You can likewise find some beneficial tutorials ~ above YouTube the show creative ways to do these impacts with multiple emoji and colors.

9. Decode and also (change) those emoji in your friend list.

Snapchat will more than likely never bring earlier best friends, however its friend emoji offer a funny look at just how you interact with her contacts ~ above Snapchat. Concealed in the app"s "additional services" menu within the settings, you can uncover everything you must know around this feature.
The menu offers one explanation of what each character means -- because that example, the difference between the red heart and yellow heart -- and enables you to change them come customize the emoji for each designation.

10. Turn on night camera mode.

Snapchat"s low-light camera mode, i beg your pardon is symbolized by the moon icon near the camera flash, is meant to aid you take better photos in ~ night or in negative light. Move it on helps brighten what"s in the frame.

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Though the low-light mode is prompted automatically, you can activate that in any type of kind of light. Just cover the camera because that a couple of seconds so sufficient light is clogged to activate the setting. (If you"re in a brightly lit room, her finger might not it is in enough, so shot holding it approximately dark-colored object or article of clothing.)

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