What is electric Potential?

Electric potential is identified as the lot of work essential to relocate a unit charge from a reference point to a details point versus the electrical field. When an item is moved versus the electric field the gains part amount of power which is defined as the electric potential energy. The electrical potential of the fee is obtained by dividing the potential power by the amount of charge. 

Strength that the electrical field counts on the electrical potential. That is live independence of the truth whether a charge have to be placed in the electrical field or not. Electric potential is a scalar quantity. At allude charge \\(+q\\) there is constantly the very same potential at all points with a distance \\(r\\). 

The electrical potential of an item depends on these factors:

Electric charge the thing carries.The relative position with other electrically charged objects.

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In this article, let us know around electric potential due to a suggest charge and also electric potential because of multiple charges.

Electric Potential because of a point Charge

The electric potential at a allude in an electrical field is characterized as the lot of work-related done in relocating a unit confident charge native infinity come that point along any path as soon as the electrostatic forces are applied. Expect that a optimistic charge is placed at a point. The charge inserted at that suggest will exert a force because of the visibility of an electrical field. The electric potential at any point at a distance r indigenous the confident charge \\(+q\\) is displayed as:

It is provided by,

Where \\(r\\) is the place vector the the optimistic charge and \\(q\\) is the resource charge.

As the unit of electric potential is volt, 1 Volt (V) = 1 joule coulomb-1(JC-1)

When occupational is done in moving a charge of 1 coulomb indigenous infinity to a specific point due to an electric field against the electrostatic force, then it is stated to it is in 1 volt of the electrostatic potential in ~ a point.


Electric potential as result of a device of 3 point charges

When over there is a team of suggest charges say q1, q2, q3,….qn is retained at a distance r1, r2, r3,……rn, us can acquire the electrostatic potential in ~ any particular point. We can discover the electrostatic potential in ~ any allude due to each individual fee by considering the other charges absent. We then add all the fees algebraically.

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Hence, the electrical potential at a point due come a team of allude charges is the algebraic sum of every the potentials as result of individual charges.