Anyone understand the story, or meaning, behind the song "Rank Stranger"? Is it literally about a story around someone returning home after a lengthy time away and either a) he didn"t understand the world anyeven more and also vice versa, b) he/they have changed so a lot, they weren"t the very same civilization he once knew; or is it a little even more spiritual than literal?
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who really knows? heck, I"m still trying to number out what Billy Joe and that girl were throwin" off the Tallahatchie Bridge...

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"I tried to find my friends, however I never could discover them, I uncovered they were all Rank Strangers to me"A bit later:"They"ve all moved ameans, shelp the voice of a stranger, to a beautiful house, by the bappropriate crystal sea" (or pretty cshed to that from memory).All friends and also loved ones dead and also gone to my ear.Spencer
My gospel group plays Rank Strangers - beautiful song. #At one resurgence wright here we played it, the lay speaker that introduced us remarked that he prospered up in the hills of southwest Virginia, and the song had actually stirred memories from his childhood of his grandmother"s funeral, wright here neighborhood musicians playing equivalent instruments had actually "sung the sister home" on the means to the graveyard through that song. #Later, he defined that he understood it to be influenced by soldiers returning residence from the Civil War (or as we say dvery own below, the Late Unpleasantness) to uncover that their family members were gone. #I believe Rank Strangers is credited to Albert Brumley, a gospel songwriter and also publisher, sometime in the 1920s. #He is additionally credited with I"ll Fly Away, and Turn Your Radio On, and also many kind of other gospel tunes.
Ahhhh, male, I"m still try"n to understand the "true" meaning behind "Salty Dog"!!! - Just carry out the song and also gain it! - leave the analyization(s) to the Folklorists..., Musicologists.., Pi###a-coglists and/or other assorted social scientists! - Sorry I simply had actually to "vent" - Carry on. Moose.

Hey substantial man, chill out. #Just bereason it does not interest you doesn"t intend everybody feels that method.For the longest time I wondered about the cryptic lyrics, just like the original post. #We even commented to that effect as soon as we performed it. #The man that described it to us, after hearing us do it, was obviously moved by the memories that the song stirred up in him.
Aget, sorry I "vented" - "Joe do not let your music kill ya", nobody cares"(source: Tom T. Hall) - Best o" luck & regards. Moose.

I would happen to think that the word "rank" implies just what it shows up to suppose...yet what the song fails to mention is what "rank" the soldiers are once they went back home to....find the voice of a stranger..and so the song begins...
Moose Posted Ahhhh, male, I"m still try"n to understand also the "true" meaning behind "Salty Dog"!!! - Just perform the song and enjoy it! - leave the analyization(s) to the Folklorists..., Musicologists.., Pi###a-coglists and/or various other assorted social scientists! - Sorry I just had to "vent" - Carry on. Moose.tree Posted onHey significant man, chill out. Just because it does not interemainder you doesn"t mean everybody feels that method.
tree, Moose is simply as entitcaused his opinion as you are of yours. If you short article somepoint on this board and also expect everyone to agree through you you"re barking up the wrong tree. I watch from your profile that you"ve just been approximately here for around a month so you probably don"t recognize a lot around Moose however beleive me he"s more than likely forgot more about music than you or me will ever learn. Does he constantly express them in the the majority of COMPUTER way? Maybe not but he"s not doing it to be spiteful. FWIW I happen to agree via him that we would all most likely be much better off if we simply felt and took pleasure in the music fairly than analyzing it to death.
Scotti AdamsI would take place to think that the word "rank" indicates just what it appears to intend...yet what the song stops working to cite is what "rank" the soldiers are as soon as they returned residence to....
Tright here are 8 definitions in Merriam-Websters Online Thesaurus so I guess I"m even more perplexed than ever. But the one I constantly assumed of as soon as heard the song was 4 a : shockingly conspicuous. GVD
Hey All,An right here I thought rank stranger was about world that didn"t usage deodorant! Thanks for educatin me folks!Take Care! -Ed-
Hey All,Mandopete - I"ve no doubt (understand in fact) that many human being have actually been censored right here. Censorship is as fundamentally wrong as yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theatre. If one thinks about it my last sentence covers both extremes. I will certainly store count even if only to: 1) let human being understand what type of site this is; and, 2) to provide pause to the censors.Take Care! -Ed-
GVD - If you check my articles versus the original post, you will certainly uncover that I"m straight on topic. #No offense to Moose or you intfinished. Can"t change the day I signed on right here, though I lurked for about a year prior to I dared to article. #Been picking for 35 years. #Have a lovely day!
I simply looked it up, and the word "rank" refers to smelling poor. I"m pretty certain that this is regarded "Salty Dog." I think a lot of of the strangers smelled poor, and also so that was the factor for the need for the salty dog. Hope this helps.Mark
Tbelow are 8 interpretations in Merriam-Websters Online Dictionary so I guess I"m more perplexed than ever before. But the one I always thought of when heard the song was 4 a : shockingly conspicuous.
Wuh, wuh, wuh.... hmmmmmmm?First of all, Mark, I uncover it hard to believe that you would have to look up the definition of, "rank."2nd of all... no... it doesn"t aid...I currently told you Bozo"s the definition... #Anything wrong
with that?
Here"s my final(!?#) monitoring - I think we ALL agree: (1) Rank Stranger is a BEAUTIFUL song - (2) It is a "classic" Stanley Brothers song - regardmuch less of WHO composed it.
Oh no... #I"m really afrhelp to ask... #Dare I ask?Now no wise cracks... if it"s somethin" that can not be said, right here... well... then nevermind...But, ur... #(huddled over in my chair, knees tightly clintched together, toes pointin" in, hands organized tightly over eyes and confront...) #Ur... #What is a "fist of death?" # # (gulp.)
Whoops! #Uh-oh... #May day! #May day!I simply re-check out my first write-up... #What I expected was that I told you folks the meaning of, "Salty Dog," not rank...Oh.... #well.... #I still do not gain it...Moose? #Mark? #Mr. Ed? Anyone care to explain? #I have to most likely simply shut up...

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This one obtained lost in a hurry, didn"t it?Great song and also fun to sing w/someone that have the right to hit the high "..everybody I met..." part.
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