When discovering Korean, most beginners discover that ‘what’ in oriental is . When this is correct, there are in fact numerous different means to speak ‘what’ in Korean. The particular word you use for ‘what’ in oriental depends on the certain sentence you are making. In English, as soon as saying sentences prefer ‘What’s this?’, ‘what time is it?’, and ‘What carry out you do?’, words for ‘what’ is the same. However, in Korean, words for ‘what’ changes depending ~ above the situation. To assist you out, we have put together this perform of the various ways to say ‘what’ in Korean.

‘What’ In Korean

So, how do you say ‘what’ in Korean? There room 6 various ways. These are , 무슨 , 어떤 , , 어떻게 , and also 며칠 . The one girlfriend use relies on the situation you room using it in, for this reason let’s take a watch at several of the means to use ‘What’ in Korean and also some useful example sentences.

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Examples Sentences

1. 뭐

‘What’ In Korean: 뭐

The most common way to to speak ‘what’ in korean is 뭐. 뭐 have to never be followed by a noun. Let’s look at some example sentences v 뭐.이름이 예요? – (What’s your name?)이거 예요? – (What’s this?) 해요? – (What room you doing?) 좋아해요? – (What do you like?)As you deserve to see in these example sentences, 뭐 is not complied with by any type of nouns. A usual mistake beginning of the person learners often make is to use 뭐 prior to a noun, such together 뭐책 (what book), 뭐 영화 (what movie), but this is wrong. As soon as ‘what’ is followed by a noun in Korean, you must use 무슨.

2. 무슨

‘What’ In Korean: 무슨

The following word for what’ in oriental is 무슨. 무슨 is used when ‘what’ is adhered to by a noun. because that example, as soon as saying ‘what movie carry out you like?’ (무슨 영화 좋아해요?) in Korean, the noun ‘movie’ adheres to ‘what’. And so, 무슨 have to be used and not 뭐.Let’s look at some example sentences v 무슨.무슨 요일이에요? – (What work is it?)무슨 뜻이에요? – (What does that mean?)무슨 일 해요? – (What execute you do?)무슨 영화 좋아해요? – (What movie execute you like?)As you deserve to see, in each sentence 무슨 is followed by a noun.

3. 어떤

‘What’ In Korean: 어떤

어떤 is comparable to ‘What kind of’ in English. 어떤 should constantly be adhered to by a noun and cannot be supplied alone. stop look in ~ some instance sentences through 어떤.어떤 일 해요? – (What kind of work-related do friend do?)어떤 영화 좋아해요? – (What sort of movies execute you like?)그 사람 어떤 사람이에요? – (What kind of human is he/she?)어떤 옷을 찾으세요? – (What sort of garments are you looking for?)

4. 몇

‘What’ In Korean: 몇
몇 literally means ‘how many’ however in part situations, 몇 translates as ‘what’. 몇 is constantly followed through a noun i m sorry is a count unit. Let’s look in ~ some example sentences with 몇. 시예요? – (What time is it?) 월이에요? – (What month is it?) 년도예요? – (What year is it?) 년생이에요? – (What year to be you born in?) 학년이에요? – (What grade space you in?) 층이에요? – (What floor is it?)

5. 어떻게

‘What’ In Korean: 어떻게
어떻게 literally way ‘how’, yet in numerous Korean sentences it attributes as ‘what’. 어떻게 is always followed through a verb. stop look at some example sentences v 어떻게.성함이 어떻게 되세요? – (What’s her name?)근무 시간이 어떻게 돼요? – (What hrs do you work?)어떻게 생각해요? – (What do you think?)그 사람 어떻게 생겼어요? – (What walk he/she watch like?)

6. 며칠

We use 며칠 to ask ‘what date’ in Korean. Countless Korean learners assume that 며칠 is 몇 (how many) + 일 (day) however this is incorrect. 며칠 comes from the old oriental word 며칟날 which literally method ‘what date’. Let’s look at some example sentences with 며칠.오늘 며칠이에요? What day is that today?생일이 며칠이에요? What day is her birthday?며칠에 출발해요? What day are you leaving? 며칠 have the right to also role as ‘how’ once talking around ‘how many days’.

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