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Quote of the Day: What ns Tell You three Times Is True

“Just the place for a Snark!” the Bellman cried,As he landing his crew v care;Supporting each man on the peak of the tideBy a finger entwined in his hair.

“Just the ar for a Snark! I have said the twice:That alone have to encourage the crew.Just the location for a Snark! I have actually said that thrice:What ns tell you 3 times is true.” — Lewis Carroll, The searching of the Snark

My middle son is getting married today.

For the third time.

To the exact same woman.

All in ~ a year.

Seriously. Pipeliner and Viet Girl are getting married to each other for the third time this year. The very first ceremony remained in Viet Girl’s home country of Vietnam. It to be an engagement ceremony, which in Vietnam is identical to a marriage. It was done over there so every one of her Vietnamese relatives can attend. The 2nd one was a polite ceremony in the joined States, soon after she arrived below on a fiancée visa.

US immigration law calls because that anyone beginning on a fiancée visa to marry the to plan spouse called in the visa in ~ 90 job of arrival. If not, the immigrant have to leave the united States and also is not allowed to return. Ever. This is come prevent human being from using fiancée visas as a “Get in the us Free” card. And you get interviewed before being granted the visa come ensure the pair know each other and it is not a marriage of convenience.

So, the walk ahead and got married in the eyes of the legislation as soon as lock could.

This is the church wedding, wherein they get married in the eyes of God. The definitive one as far as lock concerned. The loved ones are coming, top top both political parties of the family. (Viet Girl has two sisters in the united state — one in the Dallas-Fort worth area, and one in the Houston area. Mine mother, in she late 80s is coming (escorted through a granddaughter who stays in the same town).

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And, as far as all of us are concerned, the 3rd time will certainly be the charm. Certainly, after ~ the two of lock go through a marital relationship ceremony for the third time they will certainly be so thoroughly married they should inevitably think what they were told three times is true.