I went to a party a if back, and the hostess served lotus source chips. I had never heard the them, however being one adventurous eater, i was an ext than willing to provide them a try. They to be so delicious that I simply knew I had to discover to do them. 

After I obtained home, ns studied up on them, and I uncovered that they are extremely an excellent for me. The great news is that they room much an ext nutritious because that me than many snack foodstuffs that I currently consume. Come say that i am addicted to this vegetable might be one understatement, and I would certainly love come share my expertise with you.

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What is Lotus?

Lotus is the flowering plant the you see in many asian gardens. The component that you normally see is a pink, yellow or white flower the sits ~ above the water’s surface. Under that, however, is the root. This lengthy tubular rhizome is located under the water and also is harvested. If you execute not live in one area where you can harvest your own, climate you will discover it in the asian section or the create section of many grocery stores.


What does Lotus root Taste Like?

Lotus root has a flavor all its own yet from your first bite, you will probably fall in love through its fibrous vegetable that tastes someone favor a water chestnut. The chips have actually a crispy texture that is a tiny stringy. Yet, girlfriend will have no problem eating them. The exorbitant thing around lotus source is that it bring away on the flavor of everything it is cooked with, so it is helpful in numerous different ways. In my week of testing it, mine favorite, however, is come eat it prefer potato chips.

Whenever possible, buy fresh root, however it also comes in a can. As soon as shopping because that this vegetable, avoid any kind of that has black spots on them. Furthermore, put ago any that have actually bruises ~ above the rind. Instead, look because that roots that are heavy and firm. They should be a vibrant brown color. The persons that are short and also fat usually have the finest flavor.

Lotus root Calories and Nutrition

Lotus root has actually just 39 calories per fifty percent cup. This vegetables is packed complete of carbohydrates. Remember the good carbohydrate choose those discovered in this vegetable have to be your main resource of energy throughout the day.

Your brain needs carbohydrate to role properly. Carbs help to mitigate the bloated feeling and help you continue to be happy. They also keep your heart healthier. A single half-cup offer contains an ext than 27 percent that the Vitamin C the you require each work making eat it a an excellent way to boost your immune system.

In timeless Chinese medicine, the is considered a yin vegetable. Many believe that it has actually the capability to cool the blood. Some think that dining on the lotus is a great way to break up blood clots. You can eat this vegetable raw, but it can be hard to chew. Therefore, it is usually offered cooked.

How to cook Lotus Root

There space several means that lotus root have the right to be cooked. In order to make chips, many human being to fried food it. The root, however, can additionally be baked to make root chips.

Fried Lotus Root

The an excellent news is that lotus root quickly picks up the seasonings of other foodstuffs while providing them a deeper complexity that i dearly love. They deserve to be fixed in countless different ways. In fact, my husband has gained to laughing about how we space going come eat them this week, but he never ever complains about how an excellent they taste.

Garlic Chili Fried Root

I love the taste of these chips as they have actually just the best amount of warmth for me. You can conveniently adjust the seasonings so that you and also your family members will enjoy them.

1/4 lemon1 1/4 cups water1/2 inch fresh ginger1 segment lotus root1/2 tablespoon olive oil1/2 tespoon minced red pepper2/3 tespoon garlic powder1 tablespoons soy sauce1/2 tespoon sesame oil1/4 tespoon red pepper flakes1/16 teaspoon salt1/16 tespoon pepperInstructions:Combine one cup water and also the juice indigenous the lemon.Put the fresh ginger in it, and set it aside come soak.Wash the lotus root very well. Then, peel and also wash again.Slice the root right into 12 slim pieces.Place the pieces in the water through the ginger.Combine the olive oil, minced red peppers and the garlic powder to make a paste.Grate the gingerPlace the mixture and also the ginger right into a wok and cook till fragrant.Add the lotus source to the skillet.Add the soy sauce and remaining water.Cover the wok and also cook for 2 minutes.Remove the cover and also cook till all moisture has actually evaporated.Add the sesame oil, red pepper flakes, salt and also pepper.Toss until well coated.Remove and also let drain. Use a paper towel to blot up excess oil and enjoy.

Healthy Chips

While the is timeless to make these chips in a wok, they can also be small in the oven resulting in a healthier chip.

Ingredients:1 large lotus roots1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper1/4 tespoon salt1/4 tespoon sesame oilInstructions:Preheat cooktop to 325 degrees.Combine ¾ tablespoon olive oil and remaining ingredient in a bowl.Wash the lotus root and then peel it prefer it to be a potato.Slice the root into pieces 1/4-inch thick.Put the source in the bowl through the oils and toss until well coated. Friend may need to use your hands as it is important that the oil is top top every part of every slice.Use the staying oil come grease a baking sheet. Ar the slices top top the baking sheet.Bake lock in the oven for 25 minutes.Remove brown ones and also return remainder to the oven. Check and also repeat every five minutes.Serve and also enjoy.

Cumin Lotus Chips

My husband likes to assist in the kitchen. In fact, I dislike to admit it, but he is a much better cook than I am. He also likes things with more spice than I do, so he made these cumin lotus chips. I have to admit the they were very delicious, however I might never call him.

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1 lotus root1 tablespoons olive oil1/2 tespoon sesame oil1/2 teaspoon cumin1/2 tespoon red pepper flakes1/2 teaspoon curry powder1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon black pepper1/16 tespoon cinnamonCooking sprayInstructions:Wash and slice lotus root an extremely thin. Then, wash again and pat dry.Soak lotus source in cold water for 30 minutes.Remove and also pat dried again.Put oils in a bowl and add lotus root. Toss till the root is fine coated.Add seasonings and toss come coat lotus root.Spray baking sheet with cooking spray.Lay lotus source slices ~ above baking sheet.Bake because that 20 minutes. Eliminate brown people to serving tray. Return remainder to the oven.Check and also remove those that space brown every five minutes.Enjoy

Whether you pick to fried food lotus source or make them n the oven, lotus root chips are a tasty alternate that i am sure you will fall in love through instantly. Try them in ~ your home today.