This Hpnotiq drink, the Hypnotic Breeze, stars the fruity blue liqueur v tropical flavors choose pineapple and also lime. It’s a stunner!


Looking for an outstanding Hpnotiq drink? This skies blue liqueur tastes that passionfruit and mango, so it’s appropriate for mixing right into a vaguely tropical cocktail. Shot the Hypnotic Breeze! It’s ocean-hued, fruity, and also refreshingly sweet tart, pairing this bright liqueur with tangy pineapple and lime. We’re large blue drink fans over here, so a bottle of Hpnotiq bring a vibrant, electrical color. Here’s more about it and why to grab a bottle to make this drink!

What’s in this Hpnotiq drink?

The most renowned Hpnotiq drink of all? It’s the significant Hulk, which bag the fruity liqueur with top shelf Hennessy Cognac. Yet here’s the thing: combining the two makes a brownish-green shade that hardly takes advantage of the lover blue hue.

For this Hpnotiq drink, we wanted to use this distinct ingredient for all its potential: its fruity passionfruit odor and its electrical blue color. Here’s what you’ll require for this drink:

HpnotiqWhite rumLime juicePineapple juice

How to make the Hypnotic Breeze

While we love a good Incredible Hulk, it doesn’t capitalize on all the virtues of a bottle of Hpnotiq. Why not make a dry Hpnotiq drink drink to usage the ideal of that fruity flavor?

This “Hypnotic Breeze” is a rotate on the bay Breeze or Malibu bay Breeze cocktails that pair cranberry juice with pineapple juice in a beachy, carefree cocktail. This one swaps the cranberry because that the blue liqueur, and also goes for a tie-dye effect instead that the traditional layers. Below are the simple steps come this drink (or scroll down for the recipe):

Strain the drink into a cocktail glass. Fill it through ice (clear ice is best!). Pour the pineapple juice into the center of the drink. It renders a beloved tie-dye effect! the disappears together you sip the drink, yet it’s a fun feature.

What is Hpnotiq, anyway?

Hpnotiq is a bright blue liqueur it is worth adding to any kind of adventurous home bartender’s collection! While the doesn’t attribute in plenty of cocktails, it’s obtained a wow factor that renders it worth the price. Here’s a bit more about it:

Hpnotiqis a sky blue liqueur designed in 2001, made with fruit juice, vodka and also Cognac. It came to be popular when rapper Sean Combs began to sell it in his restaurant chain Justin’s in brand-new York, and also it’s to be featured in renowned hip hop and rap lyrics.How to say it?It’s express “Hypnotic.”What does Hpnotiqtaste like?It’s sweet, with solid notes that passionfruit and mango and a subtly bitter finish.

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Here it’s styled a little bit like the standard tropical drink, the Blue Hawaii

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