Bugatti high-end performance cars prefer the Veyron, the Divo, and the Chiron have an ext in typical than their unbridled power and massive engines. Choose the standard Bugatti models the came before them and the cutting-edge precursors that will come after, they all sports the Bugatti logo. And when it comes to Bugatti, a logo is more than just a logo: it’s a multi-faceted emblem symbolizing everything the brand represents. Learn an ext about the Bugatti logo background with Bugatti Broward, below.

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Bugatti History: A Storied Past

Before we breakdown the Bugatti logo, let’s take a quick look in ~ the compelling Bugatti history, native its origins to whereby it stand today. In 1909, Italian-born car designer Ettore Bugatti started Automobiles Ettore Bugatti in Molsheim: a then-German city which is currently a commune in France. Even ago then, Bugatti performance vehicles to be renowned for their design and also their numerous racing victories.

Ettore Bugatti passed far in 1947 and, due to the fact that his son had passed in 1939, there was no heir to the company. Together a result, Automobiles Ettore Bugatti ceased production of that is automobiles for number of decades.

In the 1990s, an Italian entrepreneur revived the Bugatti brand as a manufacturer of limited production luxury performance cars like the one-off Centodieci: a newly released model with only 10 units made. Plenty of Weston performance auto enthusiasts are surprised to learn that today, the Bugatti brand is owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Bugatti logo design History: Breaking down the Design

The Bugatti logo design brings refined style to the hood that every high-performance design it adorns. That red elevator symbolizes the power and also passion motorists feel behind the wheel, and serves together an eye-catching backdrop because that the white ‘BUGATTI’ lettering, the black ‘EB’ emblem, and the 60 red dots seated in the slim white border. Check out our breakdown of the individual Bugatti logo aspects to learn more:

60 red dots adorn the narrow white external edge that the Bugatti logo. Their an interpretation is speculated, through some believing the dots stand for safety wires, which showed up like lace fads on Bugatti models. Others believe the dots are pearls, symbolizing the Ettore Bugatti assumed of his vehicles together “fine jewels.”The black color ‘EB’ emblem, the course, to represent Ettore Bugatti together the founder the the company.

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Experience your Favorite Bugatti version at Bugatti Broward

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your high-end performance vehicle collection v a new or pre-owned version that bears the Bugatti logo, a visit to Bugatti Broward is in order. Avoid by when you’re in the Southwest Ranches or fort Lauderdale area, or call us come arrange an meeting at ours Davie showroom. During your visit, you deserve to learn an ext about the Bugatti logo background and discover other Bugatti featuresand facts, such together the peak speeds of the current lineup.