What risk did a European nation face by entering into an alliance?It could find itself without military protection.It could not choose the custom-mades of that alliance members.It might not know the language of its alliance members.It might be drawn into a battle it walk not desire to fight.

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Which event had the immediate result of resulting in Germany to declare battle on the Allies?The Berlin Conference the 1885 sets off the "scramble for Africa."Russia mobilizes its forces on Germany"s east borders.Great brother declares battle on Germany.The Austrian archduke is assassinated.
Which the the adhering to did Austria-Hungary grab in 1908, setup off stress in Europe?the border area it mutual with Italythe ottoman territory of Bosnia and also Herzegovinathe nation of SerbiaGermany"s swarms in Africa
The ottoman Empire contributed indirectly come the begin of civilization War Iby Balkan calls because that independence, which added to instability in the region.by that war with Austria-Hungary, which added to the breakup of the Triple Entente.by Germany"s declaration of war on the empire, i beg your pardon spurred the gyeongju for much more colonies.by its quick industrialization, which lugged an economic depression in Europe.
The three European nations who combated together in human being War I together the Allies, or the Triple Entente, were Russia, great Britain,______ and also Spain France Italy Germany.
The Triple Alliance (1882) was the very first alliance in Europe in the years leading to world War I. Which countries were members of the alliance? check all the apply.Great BritainFranceItalyRussiaGermanyAustria-Hungary
Which country readjusted sides around a year after people War ns began and also joined the Allies?ItalyFranceGermanyAustria-Hungary
Which occasions sparked civilization War I? inspect all the apply.The assassination that Archduke Franz Ferdinand angered Austria.Serbia declared war top top Austria, which brought about Austria"s allies to walk to war.Nationalism raised tensions in the Balkan peninsula.Russia"s mobilization plan called because that an invasion of France through Belgium.Alliances caused a chain of events that pulled each nation into war.
The assassination that Archduke Franz Ferdinand angered Austria.Nationalism increased tensions in the Balkan peninsula.Alliances brought about a chain of occasions that pulled each nation into war.

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Which of the following finest describes the Ottoman realm in the years just prior to World war I?strong and also powerfuleager to attack the Balkansweak and in declineallied through the Triple Entente
The greatest fear of the rulers that the Austria-Hungarian empire was that?they would not have the ability to carve out colonies in Africa.their realm would be destroyed by conference forces.their empire would it is in invaded and taken over by Germany.they would certainly not have actually enough civilization to kind an army.


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